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but alone the ratio with the prize money plays a significant role inside development of any title for electronic sports."For me, eSports is not a profession"Antonino "dawnsson" Sammarcokicker eSports: How do you get ready before generally Tournaments? Can you impart us with a little understanding of your training schedule?"dawnsson": I am a genuine person and I should admit that I actually just mentally prepare myself to the events. I tend not to play only FIFA Mobile Coins and also racing games like Asetto Corsa or rFactor 2, where I race, which be the equivalent of two hours to accomplish and demand constant concentration.

One should make no mistake, knowning that makes me within the end as FIFA player of. Vacuum should not afford to make mistakes and do not give up providing there is a real opportunity to turn the sport. Of course you will have matches against my esteemed team mates Sascha "princeboa" Tolbert in the preparation, but no more.kicker Consoles: Which team will you play usually and why?"Dawnsson": I play generally with Real Madrid inside 4-2-3-1, considering that the people of Madrid are simply just the measure of everything in FIFA 14 and of course the new version. You need a forward Cristiano Ronaldo inside to offer lots of chaos.

In addition, you have strong and quick defender, as Sergio Ramos.kicker eSports: What do beginners, as part of your opinion, frequently wrong after they play FIFA?"dawnsson": beginners always practice the identical attack patterns. Good players anticipate their attacks as time passes. Beginners simply play too hectic and can not do that. You must stay relaxed and considered carefully place the attacks, don't blindly run using the defender about the opponent.

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