How To Date A Girl You Like In 7 Days, This Works Even If You Are Shy, Introverted Or Have Never Dated Anyone Before! (Proof in images above & below)


I'll give you $500 if you can't get a girlfriend. Nothing can be bolder than this. Read on to find out more..

If you want to get the girl you like in 7 days or less, or get paid if you don't.
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(As you can see from the results above, you'll already know we are results-driven. Not some ra-ra, feel good class.)

Here's The Deal:

When you want to learn something from someone, there are a few things to take note:

1. First, you must make sure the person has done what you want to accomplish.

You don't learn skydive from someone whom hasn't even touched a parachute before right?

2. Second, you must make sure the person still can produce/do what you want to accomplish NOW.

Someone may be able to fix a TV 10 years ago, doesn't necessary means he can still fix it now, things change as time passes right?

3. Thirdly, you must make sure your teacher has a track record.

You wanna learn from someone who has the ability to teach & pass on his craft.

Not just being damn good at it but unable to impart the craft to you right?

- 10 years ago.. I went from a SEVERE INTROVERT.. to dating women from 9 different countries and cultures.

- Now I am still with the girl I love.

- And my students have gotten REAL RESULTS, REAL DATES on Day 1 itself (not just confidence booster or some simple know-hows, nothing wrong with that but I am sure you want real tangible results right?).

Other than the above points I've mentioned, I am backing everything I've said with an additional assurance to you.

I'll give you $500 if my method don't get you a girlfriend you love. Nothing can be bolder than that.

Reason Why We Are Doing This:

1. Firstly, because of the fact that our students are getting real dates with girls, real results.

Not just the usual: "increase in confidence, or feel good..bla bla."
Nothing wrong with that but I am sure you want real dates and real results like our students.

"One of my student never had a girlfriend before, even got the girl to ask him out on her own accord."

And I want to create more beautiful & successful relationships before Christmas 2017.
So that we can all end the year and have a great time with a beautiful girlfriend.

Imagine Christmas parties with a beautiful girl or counting down to 2018 with the girl you like a lot..
What can be more beautiful than precious moments like that.

2. Secondly, I don't wish to see shy & good guys remaining single, left out and heartbroken anymore.

Whenever at parties, events or occasions (Valentines, Christmas..etc), they often felt left out because they have no partners.

Or they see their peers dating (marrying) girls left and right, and they don't have someone special yet.

I know how terrible that feels and I don't wish to see that happening to you or any other good guys.

Let's stop that together.

You and me.

Here's How To Make It Happen For You:

I am running a MasterClass on 14th Jan, 1pm to 4pm. A PURE CONTENT class to help you fill your life with the girls you like. No more being alone, shy and stuck without the companion you love.

For Less-Than-A-Dinner-Date-At-A-Restaurant, I am going to show you the below at this class:

1. The mistakes to avoid with a girl so that you don't destroy her attraction for you (sometimes guys like to make it hard for girls to like you, don't be one of them).

2. The EASIEST way to generate attraction effortlessly so you can see her again easily

3. A checklist of different things to do to build deep connection with her (so you stand out amongst other guys).

4. How to improve your text game so you can get her to miss you when you are not around..

And others more...

ONLY 10 PARTICIPANTS ALLOWED.. in this Jan Masterclass.

This is necessary to ensure the quality of materials and knowledge I pass to each and everyone of you attending this class.

Pure content will be shared and there will be Q&A session to answer your questions about dating.

I am making sure you will leave the class with a perspective of dating you NEVER HAD BEFORE.

Register your ticket before it sells out.

There are many more other written testimonials by our participants that I didn't include here because that is not as important as the results you will get with our class. Register your seat for this class, it is more important.

Lastly, Here's what one of my client wrote in one of our written testimonials:

"Through Max's teachings, my perceptions and mindset have improved dramatically in a matter of few days! I became more confident, more focused and knowing how to approach girls the right way in a short matter of time! Max is a dedicated, focused & enthusiastic teacher. Always caring, always sharing.

He is always there for his students!"- R, Singapore

Rooting for your dating wins,


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1:00 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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