Talking About Wilderness Wars And Username Modifications In OSRS 2007

We are taking a break from talking about our awesome deals on OSRS 2007 Gold by talking about some interesting OSRS 2007 news.

Username Changes

Jagex has mentioned that they'll ensure it is therefore the game remember your username between sessions that will certainly prove helpful for individuals who just use one account. Also, players can now hide their username that's good in case your player is anxious about security or someone eyeing up their osrs 07 gold!

Wilderness Wars

Wilderness Wars is certainly an incredible and fun fight that sees five generals, Boaty, Knightenator, mmorpg, Sick Nerd, and Torvesta who had been given 49 codes each to construct an unstoppable army. There is a really respectable 15 grand prize money provided with 5 of the going to the last general standing. The wedding starts round the 26th of August plus it appears like it will likely be a thrilling time to check out. Mind towards the condition Wilderness Wars page to acquire every detail about the wedding. We love to it when Jagex do things like this it proves why they are some of the best and lots of community developers available!

Additionally for this, Jagex has furthermore announced that you'll see some minor changes put in the game which assists with performance, special attack tooltips being added plus a handful of more products to create playing OS Runescape an, a lot more, fun experience.

Are any kind of everybody searching at Wilderness Wars? Inform us everything you think about the wedding and make sure to look at our awesome deals on Runescape OS Gold.
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