In this case, simply call the help of another defender

holding the right shoulder button (R1 or RB).Thus, a second player automatically attempts to take the ball from the opponent, and in the worst possibilities will at least bother him until reinforcements arrive. It is important to use markup folded with caution, since it can defalcate other sectors of defense, opening unwanted spaces.Never turn your back on the attackerOne of the basic principles of a good quarterback also applies very well in FIFA Mobile Coins for Sale Whenever you need to race with some of the opposing strikers, never exceed and continue dialing back.

For this there is the left lever (L2 or LT), which makes his quarterback is turning to face the opponent. This makes possible trips and shopping, as well as stop the advance of the rival.Do not forget strollerConsidered a violent move by many people, the carts can be extremely useful and clean when used in the right way. When the opponent is not in range of your player, a stand can make it reach the ball.Wait for the right moment to dive, or your player will stretch the floor while rival continues quietly. Search hit the side or diagonally carts to avoid faults and any cards.If everything goes wrong, call the keeperAs in all good football, not all the tactical application of a defense can contain the brilliant flashes of players like Ronaldo, Messi and Ribery. In this case, do not think twice about calling the help of the keeper to close the doors.

Hold the triangle or Y (Xbox, Playstation) buttons to make the goalkeeper out of the goal toward the attacker. A good idea is to give a light touch on the button to skip forward a bit Bowman, closing angles to trim unlikely. It is important not help much, or the goal will be empty for a kick coverage.To Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins you can find from
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