Additional Astral Diamond Sources Remains A Hot Topic

There was news for the AD front yesterday as goatshark announced that weekly Neverwinter Astral Diamonds zone quests will grant 3,000 RAD each.
Each from the following weekly quests will reward 3000 Rough AD upon completion:

Arcane Reservoir (Sharandar)
The Red Wizards (Dread Ring)
Biggrin’s Tomb (Icewind Dale)
Reclaiming the Horde (Tyranny of Dragons)
Protecting the Portal (Harper Boward, Tyranny of Dragons)

The reaction in the playerbase for the additional Astral Diamond sources was cautiously appreciative with all the usual voices that it is not enough to seal the gap between supply and demand. Regarding this matter, Community and Reddit Moderator Ironzerg raised a current question last week:

So a lot like that 24k/day limit…why be so stingy about letting players hit that? If the DM has decided that for his world, 24k could be the target, then allow it to be the target.

It’s indeed strange that this devs not just cut most reasons for pure AD and also the ability to use ALTs as factories, but additionally made it completely impossible for most players to strike the daily refining cap without abandoning their actual. And you can get Neverwinter Diamonds from our site https://www.mmoah.com/
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