PitchIn Investor Showcase: Superceed Emotion AI for Contact Centers and beyond



Have you ever been a customer that

  1. received a customer survey that you didn't bother responding?
  2. sent a complaint email that received no response?
  3. had your request rejected without empathy?
  4. grew frustrated about calling customer service?
  5. wonder why the customer experience has always been unpleasant?
Have you ever run a business that wonders

  1. if customers are all happy about your products or services?
  2. if there are angry customers, and why?
  3. what customers like and dislike about your products or services?
  4. if your staff is telling the truth about how the customer feels?
  5. why some customers never return?
Discover what Emotion AI could do to save the entire customer experience. Through a "AI+Human" approach, Emotion AI understands and tracks each customer's emotional journey during interactions with any company or brand. Emotion AI takes the guesswork out of the customer care equation. Emotion AI reveals the critical moments that make or break a customer relationship.

Imagine the world's greatest brands and enterprises using Emotion AI to WOW and build lasting customer relationships. Imagine each small and medium sized businesses having the same ability to level the playing field. Imagine the huge global market potential of Emotion AI to penetrate any type of business that interacts with customers.

Emotion AI is Superceed's most innovative and exciting technology. It is a unified AI platform that combines facial intelligence, voice intelligence, language language understanding and deep learning. Superceed Emotion AI addresses the 4 critical areas of a contact center i.e. Quality Monitoring, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development and Workforce Planning.

Superceed's vision is grounded in the basic belief that every business is an INTERACTION CENTER, and that every interaction is an EMOTIONAL interaction. Thus Superceed's original vision was to democratize MULTI-CHANNEL INTERACTIONS through cloud-based contact centers applications. Superceed completes the interaction process by empowering insights into the EMOTIONAL JOURNEY of the customer, using this knowledge to empower clients to resolve a customer's emotional struggle, saving lost business and elevating a brand's image.
Superceed is rapidly becoming the world's most influential contact center solutions and services provider. Superceed's evolution revolves around the customer:

  1. Phase 1: Customer Interaction (Cloud Contact Center), targeting the USD10 billion Contact Center Applications market
  2. Phase 2: Globalization of Customers (Contact Center Marketplace and Aggregator Platform), targeting USD100 billion global contact center services market
  3. Phase 3: Customer Experience (Emotion AI for Contact Centers and beyond), targeting the USD70 billion AI analytics market
During its initial phase 1 implementation, Superceed has built a RM1.2 million Virtual Contact Center facility to serve enterprises and SMEs. To date, Superceed has served telcos, banks, F&B franchises, government agencies and ICT companies.
In phase 2 of its expansion, Superceed invested RM1 million from its bottomline to create the world's first and largest Contact Center Marketplace and Aggregator. Dubbed the "Alibaba and Uber of Contact Centers", Superceed Universe aims to aggregate the world's contact centers into a common platform, forming an ecosystem of multi-lingual, multi-set and multi-cultural workforce to deliver contact center services over the internet cloud. Customers enjoy the convenience of engaging contact center services on-demand.In the current phase 3 of Superceed's expansion plan, Emotion AI is the bet of the day. Superceed has setup its R&D and Center of Excellence in Technology Park Malaysia, with a view to attract the best international talents, and to produce world-class solutions.

To supercharge its vision of unleashing the most innovative technology i.e. Emotion AI into contact centre applications, Superceed has been raising another round of grant and technology loan. Superceed has received an initial approval for a technology loan (due diligence pending) and is in the final stages of securing government grants worth up to RM4.2 million. As grant matching amount, Superceed seeks to raise RM2 million from the PitchIn platform of investors. As a cashout strategy for investors, Superceed targets an IPO on the ACE Market or Hong Kong's GEM within 2 years.

Superceed is in the process of filing patents for its technologies in Malaysia, Japan and USA.

Sat Jan 13, 2018
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM MYT
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Superceed Emotion AI for Contact Centers and beyond