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Meet Fenvaria from Germany and Ewenae from France. They’re on a quest to bring two of Azeroth’s most famous sisters—Alleria and Sylvanas Windrunner—to life. Taking iconic characters from a virtual realm into the real world requires a lot of work, but the support of a tight-knit community and ever-improving crafting techniques means costumes are getting better all the time.

Winter has come and so has our celebration of this wonderful year for Neverwinter.Don't miss to gain cheap neverwinter astral diamonds Xbox one with 7% off to enjoy double events.We’re saying farewell to 2017?by holding a series of promotional events that are sure to warm your hearts from the frigid weather outside.

We’ve put together a list and checking it twice of all the events and freebies we have until the end of the year – and then some!?

Free Items Schedule (Claim from the Zen Market):

Day (Starts @ 2AM PST) Item

Monday, 12/25 Free 3x Preservation Ward

Tuesday, 12/26 Free Winter Wolf Mount

Wednesday, 12/27 Free Change Appearance Token

Thursday, 12/28 Free Stone of Health

Friday, 12/29 Free Experience Booster

Saturday, 12/30 Free 5x Scrolls of Life

Sunday, 12/31 Free Courtesan Fashion Set

Monday, 1/1 Free Blood Ruby

Double Events Schedule:

Event Start* End

2x XP 12/14 12/21

2x Professions & 2x Guild Marks 12/19 12/24

2x Enchants & Runes (+Gems on PC) 12/21 12/28

2x Stronghold Shards 12/24 1/2

2x Refinement Point (Console), 12/28 1/4

Bonus Refinement Points (PC), 2x Influence

That’s quite a lot going on before the end of the year. If you ever need a reminder for the weeks to come, make sure to bookmark this page.

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