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A few select YouTubers got their practical early copies of Madden NFL 16 andthe following information continues to be released. Check back throughout the week to the latest MUT 16 news!Master SetsMUT 16 Master (54 items) = 99 WR Odell Beckham Jr.Gauntlet Master (10 items)= 99 HB Marshawn LynchStyle Master (8 items) = 92 QB Tony Romo & 92 FS Glover QuinOn The Fifty Master (50 items) = 99 QB Steve YoungLoyalty Gift PacksLoyalty Badges from Madden NFL 15 will get you a Loyalty Gift Pack which includes

1 Gold Player, 2 Silver Players, 3 Bronze Players, and 4 Team Items.Draft Champion Rewards10 Draft Champion Badges get you a pack with 1 guaranteed elite offensive player and 1 guaranteed elite defensive player (no auction/no trade)100 Draft Champion Badges bring you a Draft Player (90-91 OVR). Players include Patrick Peterson, Michael Crabtree, Adrian Peterson, Tim Tebow, and Terrell Suggs. It is just not clear if these players will carry over on the Madden 18 Coins game mode.
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