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In today’s episode of our Exploit History we are looking back at the game’s Gateway and the harm it caused. Rush to buy neverwinter astral diamonds with 7% discount to know about Gateway ScriptingIf you’re new to Neverwinter, or play on consoles, you might not know that the game featured a web interface in which players could access and maintain certain aspects of their account.

Gateway Was Superb

The Gateway was indeed a superb tool. Among other things players had full access to inventory management, the Auction House, Astral Diamond exchange, professions and a mini-game called “Sword Coast Adventures”. All that was available everywhere, you just needed a browser and could log in. Especially doing professions while “on the road” was simply amazing. Back then just like today, Leadership was important. The fact that you still could fully manage it even without actually playing the game was major.

Nonetheless Cryptic decided to close down the Gateway?in 2016. It featured an API and soon the first scripts became available to automate processes using the Gateway. Botting eventually took its toll, and a great tool away from players. It was a controversial decision as many players felt like they should have gone after the bots instead. But as often Cryptic with their own resources in mind took the more convenient nerf path.

Botting Took Over

Now what did botters do on the Gateway? Well, actually a lot. The basic functionality of the most popular scripts was to automate the professions. You could basically level any profession with a 24/7 uptime. But it didn’t stop there. Convenience scripts auto-sold trash from inventories and mass-opened Leadership boxes. Back when the profession would still grant ADs, bots automatically transferred them to a main character using the AD exchange.

Speaking of which, the ZAX was not always at 500 all the time. Bots would automatically buy ZEN low and sell high, using the usual fluctuations throughout a day. It was an AD generating machine. On the Auction House bots were able to post auctions and undercut the competition automatically, or search for and buy out bargains.

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