Exploring the world of Electronics

This unique Electronics Discovery program is the first of its kind, and this innovation and education track is especially designed for kids from 7 to 12.

This is good preparation for innovation-driven courses at universities, and an excellent foundation for any future entrepreneurial aspirations. In this digital age the young minds of our generation must keep learning new things and keep innovating to strengthen Singapore as an innovation hub in Southeast Asia and the World.

We stronlgy believe in the young minds of our generation being the future leaders of tomorrow and we want to incalculate values such as teamwork and innovative spirit in them not to be just mere users of technology but to be the ones who create technology that impact humanity and make lives of people easier on a daily basis.


Participants will benefit from :

· A Shift from a Consumer to a Producer Mentality, and a better appreciation for how products are made and how money is earned.

· Hands-on prototype building, and learn small scale manufacturing techniques.

· Experiential Learning on how technology gadgets such as tech toys and Smart Phones Work.

· To unlock their potential as an innovator and to see how to improve current technologies

· Day 1: Morse Code and Light Sensor (Dec 18th,10 am to 1pm).

· Students will learn the basic fundamentals of electronics by learning how a basic electronic breadboard works.They will get a better understanding of how electronic components work such as LEDs,Pushbuttons,Resistors,Buzzers,Transistors and Light Sensors.Morse Code is to teach them the encryption and decryption of data in our daily lives and light sensor is to teach them how to create light sources during the night time in villages in rural areas.

· Day 2: Mood Lamp and Melody Circuits (Dec 19th,10 am to 1pm).

· Students will learn how to make beautiful colours such as purple,pink,cyan throught the use of RGB LED technology.They will get first hand experience learning how to use Integrated Circuits (IC) chips that are preprogrammed to control the light intensity of the RGB LED to make it change colour.Melody circuits will allow kids to understand how to use piezo buzzer to learn how to create beautiful christmas chimes and learn more about how electronic doorbells work.

· Day 3: Motor Speed Controller and Demo Day (Dec 20th,10am to 1pm).

· Students will explore the use of speed controlling technology such as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control the speed of the DC motor.Using a single button to control the speed will help them relate to how they use their remote at home to control the motor speed.This is a good way for them to relate with real life applications. Demo Day is where kids will create their very own project and learn how to pitch an idea and then pitch their ideas to their parents which is very similar to the reality tv show (Shark Tank).


Minimum age requirements to enter the event?

The minimum age required is 7 years old and we will encourage parents to be there to create an immenseful bonding experience between parent and child.

Will participants get to bring back the kit home ?

The kits will be provided for learning and training purposes during the course but not allowed to bring back home but if parents want to purchase the kit they can purchase it at $50.00 before or after the course.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Contact Gabriel at 96530164 or email Gabriel chessmasterg@gmail.com

Contact Robotics Connection at 64650018


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Electronics Made Easy


Electronics Made Easy is an educational initiative where kids learn learn basic electronics as part of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education and want to unlock the potential the young minds of the generation by teaching them basic electronics and programming so as to enourage them to explore and create new technology and also to develop a sense of pride and ownership in what they create.

Mon Dec 18, 2017
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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Robotics Connection Pte Ltd #03-41, Coronation Shopping Plaza,587,Bukit Timah Road, S’pore 269707
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Robotics Connection Pte Ltd #03-41, Coronation Shopping Plaza,587,Bukit Timah Road, S’pore 269707 Singapore