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The Winter Festival is one of Neverwinter’s big seasonal events that usually runs through the Christmas holidays and new year.Why not to gain neverwinter astral diamonds with $10 cash coupon under winter festival guideThe event takes players to the beautiful town of Twilight Tor where they can take part in different winter themed activities. You race for glory, drop gifts all over town, and skate-fight demons on a lake. It’s fun, and it’s not for nothing either, there are plenty of unique rewards to choose from! In case you are a bit overwhelmed with all the currency and items and want to know what you can realistically get, this guide is going to help.


Twilight Tor can be found on the overworld map and any character entering it for the first time has to go through a set of tutorial quests. This can get a little repetitive if you’re doing it on many alts, but is not actually too long. Start the event at your main contact?Mayor Vario Cepheid next to the big main campfire and follow his lead.

The main activity to do each day is claiming your free Parcel form the ZEN market. Pick up the quest “Star Stuff” from Mayor Vario Cepheid and turn it in at the Giftmaster, which is located north-west of the main campfire, right at the race track. It gives you a voucher to claim one free gift each day. As stated in the tooltip, the more Parcels you open, the better the rewards (items can be looked up at the Giftmaster). The event runs for 22 days. Granted you do the Festival every day, you have at least two shots at a very nice reward per character at the end.

The Parcel is why you need to bring as many alts as possible to Twilight Tor. Claiming it, and your Star of Fortune, is a one-minute task and you are going to walk away from the Festival with useful stuff. The “ZEN Market Consumables” include?Preservation Wards and?Scroll of Mass Life?for example, you’ll get more?Retraining Token Pack?than you can use throughout the year, and some items from the higher reward tier sell for a nice amount of AD.

Usually it doesn’t stop with 22 Parcels though since you’ll additionally get a few Starlight Bags in gift groups (see below). These also add to the total of Parcels opened, but their contents are bound.

Gift Parties

Each opened Parcel always returns one?Gift of Simril. When opened in a party, it will give the other members Lights of Simril, event refining points, and possibly a Star of Fortune or Starlight Bag. Even if you don’t need the lights or RPs, it’s mandatory to throw these gift groups for the chance at a star or bag. Most of the time you run gift parties, flip your stars for more gifts and can instantly continue.

An annoyance throwing gift parties are scammers that pretend to have a gift but never share one. This seems to be especially bad during the first event days. Try to do this with friends or your guild if possible.

You get one Star per day from the daily quest “Omens of the Stars” at Mayor Vario Cepheid. The Festival runs for 22 days, that’s 22 Stars. Although you occasionally get them from your gift parties as well, it’s still hard to get enough stars to buy all rewards. So you either have to decide between the Winter Sled?(10), the Frost Mimic?(18), and the Frozen Throne of the North?(14), or pay for additional ones in the ZEN market (Bounty of Simril). The Mimic by the way is one of the options for players with alts to get a sellable item, but the companion is not much worth nowadays.

Here comes the grind! After the initial 325 Lights from the tutorial quests, dailies only net you an abysmal seven more, catapulting the possible Lights from quests to 528, or 5,368 if you trade all your Stars of Fortune for Lights (220 per) during the Festival’s Zenith (the last week of the event is called “Zenith”, in which all Lights are doubled). The unique collectibles the store offers however are 14,630 and you can buy Illuminated Box and Crate of Blacklead?to help with other projects as well. So these are rewards you have to work for

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