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Looks like EA gets some company as the pay-2-win protest hits the next publisher. Trion Worlds felt the wrath of angry customers last week after releasing a controversial pack that enables players to buy top-tier raid gear for real money in Rift.why not to buy neverwinter astral diamonds with $10 cash coupon to experience Pulls Packs from RiftPlayers organized themselves on multiple platforms to lead the charge against the publisher, and eventually got what they wanted. On Saturday the community team informed everyone that the packs in question are being pulled until all the feedback is being reviewed.

This is one more indication that the situation created by EA’s Battlefield II overreach is not temporary. Players of other games seem to be more and more willing to fight unfair monetization and make a larger audience aware of issues. This topic is not going away soon. If it’s any indication, MassivelyOPs post about the packs features the most comments of all recent news on the site.

The best way to catch up with what has happened is the Reddit thread. It’s linked below. Oh and as if that wasn’t already enough, Trion World released another cash grab yesterday?only to cause another outcry and?pull that pack from the store as well! You can’t make that stuff up…

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