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Hey EA, move out of the way with your microtransaction weak stuff! We’ve got drama of our own, and it’s an epic smash! It’s a true battle of platforms, philosophy, pride, and accomplishments involving a couple of the bigger names of the community. And there’s money involved, money is always good for drama. Do we need anything else? Don’t think so, Snap up neverwinter astral diamonds with $10 cash coupon to enjoy climax MiniMi.let’s get started by throwing out our patented kappafoss emojis!

What happened?

Are you hyped now? Here we go!

So you may or may not know the Youtuber MiniMi, whose style and personality arguably makes hin the most entertaining video maker for the game. It’s kind of a like it or hate it thing, but can’t say it’s not unique. MiniMi released a controversial guide video in which he blanked out certain portions and asked viewers to pay 5$ to get access to it. The comment section immediately started exploding with users saying that a) his build is crap and b) putting it behind a pay wall is low.

People discussed it everywhere and protest kind of reached its peak when Kali Gold had a go at him yesterday. On stream they went on comparing the situation to Lia Knowles?who was asking for donations for a new laptop within her guild back in the day. And uhm, let’s say that conversation got a bit heated as well. After this interesting climax MiniMi responded in his patented sarcastic way, apologized and donated the money he earned with his build.

Our Takeaways

Did we learn anything from this? Surprise, people don’t like money grabs! It’s kind of the whole free-2-play lootbox discussion in a nutshell. Mix in some hyperbole, the mid-module drought, and some kappafoss emojis and you have excellent drama brewing.

Apparently different platforms exist in their own microcosm as well. Kali Gold not knowing MiniMi? MiniMi not knowing Sharpedge? What are the odds?

This was fun, let’s do it again. But don’t take it too seriously then, not good blood pressure at all. Wrapping it off with more kappafoss troll hype. Because why not?

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