Cristiano Ronaldo: "Messi will win the Golden Ballon"

Less than 2 months before it is known who the winner with the FIFA Mobile Coins everything points for being chosen with the fifth time, Leo Messi.One who believes is Cristiano Ronaldo, who in the interview with British television ITV thestring states that "Messi is likely to win this season because this form of trophy is resolute by the votes cast. Win competitions, win the Champions League win ... I probably did the very best individual season of my career,

that's fine, and I was the most notable scorer in Europe ... But the Golden Ball for votes is resolute . It's difficult. I'm not focused on that issue, as I have said often times that I never anticipated having won 3 x. And I've already got. "Leo adds that "plays for any club. I play to an alternative. He has won everything he could. I did exactly the same thing. We have a good relationship so we respect but we aren't close friends. "On his relationship with Gareth Bale, Christian says he or she is "happy and grateful to Real Madrid since they bring these players.

Bale is a good player so I'm comfortable. There is no condition in FIFA Mobile Coins for Sale personally. "Finally, wouldn't close the doorway to a possible change of scenery down the road. "I am delighted at Madrid now, I feel happy, but we all know I like United, I love this club, but nobody knows what's going to happen sometime soon."
Tue Dec 19, 2017
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