Neverwinter Storm King's Thunder Patch Detailed and Released

A fresh wave of content is released for Neverwinter available as "The Storm King's Thunder" expansion which adds an even 70+ campaign, a whole new mmoah tier three dungeon, item progression system, and also a whole report on fixes and changes in a fresh patch. Take a look in the lengthy list filled with new details and data:

Storm King’s Thunder Campaign, level 70+ campaign

Return to Icewind Dale in a very brand new journey through three new Adventure Zones.
With the expertise of Makos, Cattie-brie and Wulfgar, confront the Frost Giant Jarl Storvald plus the powerful artifact called the Ring of Winter threatening to plunge Faerûn, and perchance all of Toril, into eternal winter.

Read a little more about the background and story here.

Fangbreaker Island, New Tier 3 dungeon

Travel to Fangbreaker Island, a Frost Giant stronghold to confront Drufi in this new tier 3 dungeon (item level 3100) by having an emphasis on unique and interesting boss mechanics. Along the way, encounter a ferocious manticore along with a massive dragon turtle, then storm the stronghold itself, defeating the Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Frost Giants’ foothold within the North.
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