The Most Challenging Madden NFL 16 Team


NFL Mobile Coins;s team ratings are pretty accurate, as you have seen from our top Madden NFL Mobile Coins. However, with all the good comes the negative, as well as the following five teams are certain to pose an issue for those aiming to head to the Super Bowl.Chicago BearsSorry, Chicago, but from the time quarterback Jay Cutler ran into his group of flubs that quickly took they out of contention a year ago, the Bears will likely need to do a lot to recuperate.

Tampa Bay BuccaneersThe Buccaneers will be in a tough position within the last few years, seeming to disassociate with playoff contention.
That could change, however, with draft pick, quarterback Jameis Winston, joining the squad. It;s dependent on him changing to the playbook and effectively throwing to his offensive partners, including Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson.Washington RedskinsThe Redskins are already struggling recently, because of the lack of a detailed leader that can help guide the squad to victory.

Many believed that Robert Griffin III, who;s had his great amount of injuries and setbacks, would finally arise and lead they to greatness. Nope—he just became concussed, and whether he;ll come back up to snuff is within question.
As such, a different QB (like Colt McCoy) ought to step in and produce good while using offensive line. That;s easier said than done.Oakland RaidersThe Raiders haven;t had good prospects in terms of contention from the NFL mdash;and for good reason.
Without a coach that may figure out offensive and defensive playbooks, as well as the kind of quarterback that could put points for the board, they;ve been shut from the playoffs for decades. Will this current year make a difference?
Well, promoted depends on a couple of things.New York JetsOne in the few weapons the Jets been in its arsenal was coach Rex Ryan—and the man;s visited the Bills.

As a result, there;s lots of struggling happening on this team, especially with quarterback Geno Smith out with a broken jaw in the next couple of months. That leaves Ryan Fitzpatrick in the helm, anf the husband doesn;t possess the greatest stats inside the world.
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