Activated Artistry w/ Kamau Abayomi


Learn and explore techniques on how to create works of art to energize and expand one’s mind/body/spirit connection, Activate higher levels of creative expression and transform one’s life. Themes to explore:

  • The Power of Intention and Imagination

  • Art and its Connection to Nature and Healing

  • Qi Gong, Dance and Poetry

  • Ceremonial and Ritual Art

Kamau Abayomi adheres to the philosophy that everyone is an artist, that everyone is somewhere in the spectrum of being completely aware of their artistic creative potential or completely asleep to it. For this reason, Kamau has dedicated his life to being an ‘artist activator’. For the last 20 years, Kamau has lived, performed and taught as a multi-disciplinary artist, who shares his spoken word, dance, music, choreography, rap artistry, literary works, expanded spiritual perspective and workshops with the intention of inspiring and activating others into the awareness of their own artistic power.

Note: This session is to be held outdoors in the nature, except for in the event of rain. Please bring insect repellent or some form of sun protection if needed.

1 class: $45


Kamau is also offering two other workshops:

All classes at $45 each. Package prices available for 3 and 5 classes bought in bundle. Please indicate to us, which other classes you are attending.
3 classes: $120
5 classes: $180
Sun Dec 17, 2017
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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17 Dec "Activated Artistry": 1030 to 1230 SOLD OUT $45.00
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"Activated Artistry" + 2 Other Classes SOLD OUT $120.00
"Activated Artistry" + 3 Other Classes SOLD OUT $165.00
All 5 Classes: "Activated Artistry" + "Afrigalactic" + 3 Afrohouse Sessions SOLD OUT $180.00
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