ペチャクチャ ナイト広島、ザ・ビックスペシャル!

PechaKucha Night Hiroshima Vol.8, The Big Special!

*(English follows)

今回のペチャクチャナイトは数年に1回となる大々的なイベントを行います。 ローカル有名人やエンターテイナーを迎えての開催。もちろん恒例の面白い20枚のスライドX20秒=6分40秒のスライドショープレゼンテーションも大画面でやります。 広島の有名人のユニークで感動的でここでしか聞けない話を聴くことが出来ます。



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和太鼓ドラムユニット 我龍-garyu-様

広島ご当地ヒーロー 安芸戦士 メープル・カイザー様

映画監督 時川英之様

西崎 智子 広島フィルムコミッション様

Honey 広島様 シンガー 



助宮有香様 シンガーソングライター 



山崎 政和 ヨーヨーパフォーマー様

Ryo Wakui,
マジシャン RYO

Maple Studio Hiroshima アイドルグループ

Pecha Kucha Night Hiroshima presents PKN Vol. 8 The Big Special! This time, we are bringing you an event so special, it’s unlike any other so far! … and there won’t be another like this one for a few more years!

All presenters at PKN Vol. 8 The Big Special are famous local celebrities and entertainers. With a HUGE screen for their presentations (in the PKN 20x20 format of course), they will be sharing their unique stories and passion with all of us.

It’s only here at Pecha Kucha Night Hiroshima that you will be able to listen to their stories AND see special performances by presenters just for this event!

If you go to any one of their performances, it would cost you more than just one ticket to PKN Vol. 8 The Big Special, with 15 presenters in just one night it’s an incredible bargain!

We believe that this super exciting event will be unlike any other event you’ve ever attended before! You will be absolutely amazed and get so much more out of your experience than the price of your ticket!

Please note that all ticket prices listed are the advance prices. Advance ticket buyers are guaranteed a seat until seats are sold out. Add 500 yen for all tickets at the door on the day of the event (without a guaranteed seat).

4:30 Doors open

5:30 Event starts

6:00-6:40 Part 1 Presentations

6:40-7:00 break 1

7:00-7:40 Part 2 Presentations

7:40-8:00 break 2

8:00-8:40 Part 3 Presentations

8:40-9:00 break 3

9:00-9:40 Part 4 Presentations

9:40-10:00 Closing Comments and Taking Photos

PKN Vol. 8 The Big Special Line-up

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Tomoko Nishizaki, Hiroshima Film Commission

Kaburaya Taiko Hiroshima, Japanese drumming

Yuka Sukemiya, singer-songwriter

Rodrigo Rodrigues and Natsuko Mae, Tango Hiroshima

Wadaiko Garyu, Alternative Taiko Unit

Miyajima Samurai, Samurai Entertainer

Naoki Nakashima, Hiroshima Television celebrity

Maple Kaiser, Superhero

Joint of Soul, HipHop Dance

Honey Hiroshima, singer

Seichi Ito, MAZDA motors

Masakazu Yamasaki, Yo-yo Champion

Tokigawa Hideyuki, Film Director

Ryo Wakui, Magician

Studio Maple, Idols

(order to be announced soon!)

Sat May 10, 2014
4:30 PM - 10:00 PM JST
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Blue Live 宇品、広島
¥2,500+1Drink order SOLD OUT ¥3,000
¥2,500+ 4Hrs free Drink SOLD OUT ¥4,000
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Venue Address
〒734-0011 広島市南区宇品海岸3丁目12-69 Japan
Mendel Jonkers