Exhibition: The Preservationists 今天是昨天的延續

Duddell's Exhibition: The Preservationists

Curator: Ingrid Pui Yee Chu

25 Nov 2017–11 Mar 2018

Opening Reception:
Fri 24 Nov, 6–8pm
Performance at 7pm
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'The Preservationists' brings together multidisciplinary works by eleven artists based in Hong Kong or connected to the region.

All of the artists are informed by their surroundings, and in ways that manifest materially in their practice. Their works—sourced mainly from local and international collections—highlight the richness of Duddell’s architectural construction and particular feng shui arrangement through materials the artists use including ceramics, ink, marble, paper, textiles, and wood that can also be found on-site.

In forgoing grand narratives for the primacy of the tactile and tangible, these ‘Preservationists’ intermix classic, quotidian, and pseudo-modern forms using various material, methodological, and concept-driven approaches. They also ground viewers among the same aesthetic, physical, and experiential space their works inhabit, thus providing enriching interactions while raising questions about how their works reflect and respond to Duddell’s, and by extension Hong Kong as it continues to evolve.

'The Preservationists' includes collected, existing, and newly commissioned works by James Carl (Toronto), Lee Lee Chan (Hong Kong), Dong Dawei (Beijing), Hu Fang (Beijing/Guangzhou), Josh Kline (New York), An Te Liu (Toronto), Andrew Luk (Hong Kong), Aniwar Mamat (Beijing), Sterling Ruby (Los Angeles), Song Dong (Beijing), and Tang Kwok Hin (Hong Kong), as well as a free limited edition printed inside the pages of the Duddell’s newsletter. An opening night performance and other public programmes will also take place throughout the exhibition.

'The Preservationists' is curated by Ingrid Pui Yee Chu, a Hong Kong-born curator and writer, who with Savannah Gorton is Co-founder and Director of the non-profit commissioning organisation Forever & Today, Inc.

Special thanks to the lenders, Ruinart (Principal Art Patron), and Helutrans (Logistics Partner).

Graphic design partner: Going Merry Design co.

Image: An Te Liu, 'Brutalist Rice Cooker', 2013. Courtesy of the artist.







這些「延續主義者」放棄宏大敘事,將有形的、可觸知的置於首要地位 ,運用各式材料先行、方法論先行及概念先行的手法,將經典、日常及偽現代的形式熔於一爐。他們也有意識地引導觀眾沈浸於作品所棲居的美學、物理和體驗空間中,創造豐富的互動,並拋出藝術作品如何反映及回應其環境的問題——這個環境是都爹利會館,也是不停變化著的香港。

「今天是昨天的延續」包含James Carl(多倫多)、陳俐俐(香港)、董大為(北京)、胡昉(北京/廣州)、Josh Kline(紐約)、劉安得(多倫多)、陸浩明(香港)、安尼沃爾·買買提(北京)、斯特林·魯比(洛杉磯)、宋冬(北京)以及鄧國騫(香港)已被收藏、現有和新委託的創作,以及印於都爹利會館季報中的免費限量版新作。展覽開幕酒會中將設有藝術家表演,展覽開放期間亦會舉辦各項公眾活動。

「今天是昨天的延續」由朱珮瑿策展。她生於香港,是一名策展人及撰稿人,與聯席總監 Savannah Gorton 共同創辦了非營利組織 Forever & Today, Inc.。


平面設計夥伴:Going Merry Design co.

圖:劉安得,《Brutalist Rice Cooker》,2013。圖片由藝術家提供。
Fri Nov 24, 2017
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM HKT
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