Attention, English Speakers in Japan! NLP Practitioner in English


Attention, English speakers in Japan!

They all misunderstood me in Japan, until I change my method of talking to…

*This course is only in English. No translation provided.
*Should you have any question, please contact to drtaka@takaendo.com
with email title: NLP Practitioner in English


Ever find yourself doing the same old emotional or behavioral patterns? Going “DOUGH!” or “Not Again!” Do these patterns prevent you from reaching your dream and goals?

Does it feel like your little voice in your mind is sabotaging you?

Are you tired of and frustrated by feeling this way all the time? Or even fear that you will never be able to solve this issue? Unable to change your situation?

Learn the tools and techniques to liberate yourself from this negative cycle and be able to achieve your goals! Change your life with the NEW knowledge and skills by attending the Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training.

The Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training is a training where you receive certification in NLP.

You will also learn integrative energy techniques to easily and effortlessly balance and improve your motivation. This combination of tools and techniques will help you liberate yourself from the baggage that has prevented you from achieving your goals, dreams, and aspiration in life and help you improve your relationship with yourself and others to achieve your targeted GOALS.

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You Will Learn How To:

Create instant rapport (TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP) with others

Enhance your sensory awareness and be more alert to troubles and opportunities!

Process information and communicate in ways that will help you connect with all people

Utilize the structure of language to create positive thought patterns in yourself and others

What if you can borrow excellence from genius around the world? Recreate and model excellence.

Understand the decision making processes and other behavior strategies to CHANGE your life.

Gain control of your internal representations which will allow to instantly control motivation.

Overcome procrastination, depression and phobias

Accelerate your personal and professional growth and success

And much more…

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Here’s what you’ll receive…

(Total value of up to 659,500yen)

1. LIVE Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training for 324,000 yen (479,500 yen value)

YOUR life long mental struggle integrated in just 4 days!

Our LIVE Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training is not just an intro to NLP weekend, but a full NLP Practitioner Certification Training (usually takes 14-30 days in industry standards) and more over a transformation of your life-long battle.

2. NLP Training Course Material (89,500 yen value for free)

Try and get this NLP Training Course Material from anywhere else, and you’ll be shelling out at least 89,500 yen. The Course Material is the same as the one that we used for the NLP Practitioner Training.

3. 30-Day Action Plan (17,500 value for free)

This 30-Day Action Plan is a self-study kit composed of 30 days of study guide to continue to have more transformation in your life. You’re going to integrate NLP into your life far faster, more easy and at a more unconscious level than you would otherwise. This really demonstrates your commitment to the field, and to your own life.

*To be provided approximately 5 days post conclusion of the training to students who complete the entire 4-Day iNLP Training.

4. Mental Emotional Release 🄬(MER🄬) MP3 Audios (37,500 yen value for free)

MER MP3’s will allow you to continually reinforce the ideas you learn in your training well after you have attended the class. Play these in your car while driving/riding to work or at home right before bed and you will constantly incorporate the transformation into your every day life. This audio contain the transformative audio of a MER session which is the cutting edge strategy to improve performance in life, business, relationship to removing emotional issues.

*To be provided approximately 5 days post conclusion of the training to students who complete the entire 4-Day iNLP Training.

5. NLP Techniques MP4 (3,000 yen value for free)

The NLP Techniques MP3 videos are live NLP demonstrations that will provide you with a tangible experience of NLP techniques. As an NLP practitioner, this is a great resource to understand the NLP techniques and practice using these techniques, making them yours.

*To be provided approximately 5 days post conclusion of the training to students who complete the entire 4-Day iNLP Training.

6. Journey on the Timeline MP3 Audio (2,500 value for free)

Did you know some Native Americans (i.e., Apachi) have no sense of past-tense and as a result have no major negative emotions?

Did you know native Sicilian have no sense of future-tense, thus enabling them to not feel Anxiety?

Being charge of your timeline allows you to be in charge of your emotion. This MP3 allows you to gain the special privilege that only few people on this planet have naturally.

*To be provided approximately 5 days post conclusion of the training to students who complete the entire 4-Day iNLP Training.

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It is our pride to say that Dr. Takanori K. Endo has been awarded as 2017 BEST Drug Abuse & Addiction “CENTERS” in the United States despite being an individual, competing against 36 different hospitals and clinics.

After all, it is a following of people that creates popularity and results that speaks for itself.

We receive referrals and recommendations, and that is how we know that we have excellent quality and make a difference.

Our Guarantee To You

Satisfaction Guarantee

Consider the value you will gain from our Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training for only 324,000 (total value of up to 659,500 yen).

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What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is learning the language and knowing how it works with your mind and how it affects your mind. NLP helps you to communicate with your unconscious mind.

For example, you go to a restaurant in a country that you don’t speak the language of, you order grilled salmon. Instead of grilled salmon, you get an octopus pancake. There is a miscommunication. This is what is happening in most of us when we communicate is our unconscious mind. We “order” for more money, fit body, healthier diet, happy and healthy relationship, great relationship with family members etc… but if what is showing up in your life is not what you ordered, then the communication between you and your unconscious mind is not going well.

If you can communicate efficiently and clearly with your unconscious mind, the unconscious mind will bring you what you want.

Now, think of one thing right now, something that you would like to change in your life or one habit that you would like to break. What is it?

Do you want to…

+ Quit stuffing your face with junk food?

+Stop playing on your phone or computer and get work done?

+Be confident and calm during your presentations?

Whatever it is, you have that issue now because your unconscious mind thinks that you asked for it.

NLP is like a user manual for your brain. NLP training is like learning the language that the server at the restaurant is speaking so that you can communicate more effectively with your mind to receive what you ordered in life.

NLP is the study of excellent communication with yourself and others. It was developed by observing and modeling excellent therapists who were able to get outstanding results with their clients.

NLP is more than a set of tools and techniques. It is a methodology that will help you achieve your goals and get results.

Our mission at Mind Life Solutions is to elevate the level of standard around the world through empowering individuals by providing skill set and knowledge to solve mind and life challenges.

How does teaching NLP help us do that? Because after teaching for over 20 years, and with the support of Association of Integrated Psychology, and other academic, business, and medical organizations we were able to organize the best concepts and techniques to help you to be in charge of your mind, emotional state, and your life.

That is what NLP is.

Dec 25 - Dec 28, 2017
[ Mon ] - [ Thu ]
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM JST
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Bunkyo Civic Center, Tokyo
NLP Practitioner in English SOLD OUT ¥324,000
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Kasuga 1-16-21, Bunkyo, Tokyo Japan
Bunkyo Civic Center 5F meeting room B
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