書道(Sho-do) Japanese Calligraphy School

書道(Sho-do) Japanese Calligraphy School
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【Event Summary】
Calligraphy School.
【Date & Time】
November 26th , 2017
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【Place】INBOUND LEAGUE 8th floor
5-15-14, Shinjuku, Shinju-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Only 15 guests
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【Events Fee】
【Instructor Profil】
香之 - KOUNO (Real name : 浦岡 香 - Kaori Uraoka)
Calligrapher(書道家) , Seal engraver (篆刻家)

Limited company limited style representative
2-11-29 Ohki, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city
ATELIER KOU Hong Kong COMPANY LIMITED representative

She was born in Fukuoka
From 3 years old I am familiar with writing brushes
She established style fit limited company.
She launched ATELIER KOU Hong Kong COMPANY LIMITED subsidiary in Hong Kong.

「From Fukuoka to Asia and to the world」
With this concept , she does Live Calligraphy performance in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phnom Pen.
She had calligraphy classroom (15 locations in Japan and overseas) and these activities such as store logo production.

【Exhibit History】
From 2011 to 2012 at Fukuoka City, Tenjin.
Hong Kong 2012.

【Main performance rally ,performance live and lecture】
Hong Kong Hitachi 50th anniversary event.
NTT West Japan NTT West Japan FukuokaBranch.
Global Management Conference in Kyushu Grand Hyatt Fukuoka.
Royal University of Cambodia Phnom Penh University July 2017.
JAPAN EXPO IN Bangkok Scheduled for September 2017.

【Award history】
The 29th Yomiuri Legal Exhibition Winner.
The 29th Japan Excavation Exhibition.
The 30th Japan Excavation Exhibition.
The 32nd Japan Intercourse Exhibition Encouragement Award. Committee Member of the Japan Inviters Association.

【Other information & Disclaimer】
※1 Do not invite any type of business, other events, or religion without permission of staffs.
※2 We reserve the right to refuse any participants in our related events who do not keep to the rules, morals and manners.
※3 We can not guarantee any damage, loss, or trouble in those events.
※4 Please agree to allow pictures and videos of participants taken during the tour to be posted on our homepage, Facebook, and any advertising documents.
※5 We will not disclose Personal Information to third parties without the consent of our customers.
※6 After reservation , we can’t accept basically cancellation according to your circumstances.
※7 Only 20 guests will be able to participate. Registration is on first come first served basis. We beg your kindness.

【Abot the event organizer】
♢ UDS Ltd. ♢
At UDS , we trace our origins to 1992 and the establishment of Urban Design System, a design firm dedicated to creating fully enjoyable urban living arrangements that function as systems designed for business feasibility and community life.

Our fundamental attitude is one of enjoying our work as we constantly, deliberately pursue design excellence, feasibility and a community-oriented approach. What we consider “fun work” consists in making our clients happy and generating solid profit by coming up with things and ideas that we ourselves would like to have, and which benefit society.

Having been in operation for nearly a quarter of a century now, we are grateful to everyone for having been able to navigate our way through some turbulent waters. During that time, we have expanded our areas of activity from cooperative housing with a community development orientation to hotels, as well as commercial and public facilities. One thing that has never changed since our founding, however, is our commitment to truly grasping the needs of our clients and of local communities, and doing work that earns praise by exceeding expectations. This is why we incorporate planning, design and operation into proposals that strike a comprehensive balance.
(URL : http://www.uds-net.co.jp/company/message)

UDS Ltd. Community Coordinate Department
info@inbound-league.jp(Staff:Koji Hasegawa)
Sun Nov 26, 2017
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM JST
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参加チケット SOLD OUT ¥2,500
Venue Address
東京都新宿区新宿5-15-14 Japan
都営新宿線・副都心線・丸ノ内線「新宿三丁目駅」出口E1より徒歩2分 / 都営大江戸線「東新宿駅」出口A3より徒歩7分 / JR各線「新宿駅」東南口より徒歩10分 / 丸ノ内線「新宿御苑前駅」出口3より徒歩10分 / 西武新宿線「西武新宿駅」南口より徒歩12分