Art with Multi-Sensation: Occult Complexion 隨時隨地的藝術展覽:隱映


Accidental Art in Restaurants: Find the sensational experience of art and food at one place.

**Opening Party this Saturday November 18th, 3PM**

  • Food, drinks, desserts and music
  • Artist talk and live show
  • Lucky Draw Gifts waiting for you!

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A board of:
Crème brûle foie gras
Cold cut
Spicy prawn
Confit cuttlefish

With a glass of wine

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Walk in price will be HKD150

This time, Accidental Art brought two Hong Kong local artists' works together and curated the exhibition "Occult Complexion 隱映".

Occult complexion describes the phenomenon between object attributes and natural texture, projected and interpreted with transcendental perceptions. Carefully curated, the exhibition explores the complexity of how common matter can be observed, perceived and attached to unique sensibility, re-examining the relationships among self-identity, humans, nature and urban civilization.

About Artists:

1. Yiyi Wang (王乙伊)

Yiyi Wang was born in Beijing, China in 1995, immigrated to Hong Kong in 2009 and graduated with a Scholastic Award achievement from the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017. Yiyi focuses on contemporary figurative style in ink and color. As a Beijing-born Hong Kong resident, Yiyi’s art preserves personal stories and memories while simultaneously explores the dynamics of self-identity caught between these two contrasting cities.

2. Chuntao LAU (Jay 劉鎮滔)

Born in Hong Kong in 1994, Chuntao Lau is a local illustration artist. In 2017, Chuntao graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in Visual Arts. His works are mostly in ink, color, acrylic and silk screen prints. Chuntao is known for deforming objects with delicate texture and patterns. As a witness of the ongoing changes in Hong Kong, Chuntao focuses on revealing different facets of the city and its residents with imaginative illustrations.

The selection of works by the two artists, although very different in terms of artistic languages and mediums, is united by a similar approach towards the investigation of the topic Occult Complexion.

About the Exhibition

- Venue: Cochin Delicatessen, G/F 26 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong

- Opening Reception: 3PM November 18.

  • A ticket price of HK$150 can enjoy a selection of food and drinks provided by Cochin.
  • Artist Chuntao Lau will be present.
  • A few interactive activities with the artist and guests are arranged.
  • Lucky draw gifts are provided.

- Exhibitoin period: 11/18/2017 – 01/07/2018

- Opening hours: Mon - Fri 08:00 – 23:00; Sat & Sun 11:00 – 23:00

About Accidental Art
Founded by a group of young, energetic friends with an ambition to humanize art, Accidental Art is an unconventional platform dedicated to bringing art into everyone’s daily lives. We aim to create open and inviting dialogues between artists, galleries and people of the city.

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Every year, thousands of young people with artistic talent and dreams attend art schools, yet only 10% continue to pursue art professionally after graduation.

Accidental Art, as the rising art platform in Hong Kong, is now offering an exceptional program. The AA Rising Star Project aims to help promising young art students gain more exposure and prepare them for long-term opportunities in the industry.

The program will allow young artists to share their ideas and creations through specially curated exhibitions, promoting their work to a global network of art enthusiasts and influencers and providing them with opportunities to launch commercial products to further support their artistic passions.

Sat Nov 18, 2017
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM HKT
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