Real samurai battle game for grown-up!!


We will held samurai battle game event on November 23th in Morinomiya ,Osaka city.

All the generations whose age is from child to elderly can paticipate!

"What is samurai battle game -IKUSA- ?"

the rule is simple.

Drop the ball which is put on the opponet's sholder with your katana made by sponge.

when you play this game, please take katana on your dominant hand, and put colored ball (called LIFE) on the opposit sholder ,then try to drop off opponet's ball with you katana.

This is a" Serious game for grown-up"

In this game you don't need allowance nor compassion.

( however please keep the moral as samurai. )

this event is a game to decide the true strongest with enjoying samurai battle game.

Please remember your childhood, you may have played sword fight pretend.

you have ever felt the enthusiastic and the exhilarating feelings after the play.

We're sure your body still remember how to move yourself in the sword-fight.

Despite this is a serious game, our program is designed to be safe and easy for all the participants so that woman and the person who don't have confidence about excercise can join. Please join the game without hesitation!

Let's enjoy the game with driving your muscle and brain.

The contents of samurai battle game for grown-up is shown as following.

"Team fight"

we separate groups into 2 or 3 team,then please try to attack other teams with collabolating your team mate.

Victory condition is the number of survivers in the teams.

"Kunoichi fight"

this is a game only for female.

kunoichi is a name of female-ninja.

"Shogun fight"

this is a game only for male.

shogun means a commander.

"battle royal"

This progaram is not team-work game, you should fight as individual.

this is the game to decide the strongest person!

November 23rd is national holiday of "Labor Thanksgiving day "

so we will discount the price from 1,500 yen 1,000 yen in order to express recognition of father's and mother's usual service .

This is really rare chance to held event in this theme.

We will be appliciated if you come with your family.

-----------------event description----------------------------

[Event date:] November 23th(Thu)

[time:] 16:45 (16:15 reception open)

18:15 end of event

[Event Place:]Morinomiya Q's mall BASE

footsul court on the roof floor

2-1-70, Morinomiyachuou, Chuouku, Osaka city


[access:] 3min walk from "Morinomiya station" of JR or subway-chuo line


[entry fee:] evenly 1000 yen (national holiday special price)

(usual fee is 1,500yen though we do discount in order to invite father and mother who wroks in usual)

[partipans limitation:] number of maximum partipants is 90.

First come, First served.

grown-up (above 13 years old)

(we have progaram for family. if you want to come with your child,we offer you participate the event which start on 14:15 on the same day.)

[Necessary belongings:] Excercise shoes.

(you can borrow it with 500yen on the meeting place.)

we offer you to bring jacket, because the meeting place is outside of buildings.

[Application process and payment:]

Prior application via Peatix


Please use the inquiry function which is incorporated in Peatix when you have question about this event.


We can't owe the responsibility about the accident or injuries occured in the event.

Please participate this game on your own responsibility.

The photo or movie which we take through the event may used in our HP or FaceBook page.

If you have trouble for our use of your photo in those page, please inform our staff on the day.

if this event was cancelled for disaster or other reason, the fee will be refounded automatically by WEB system. However if you pay fee via convinience store or ATM , you need to pay \500 for comission.

[About us "NPO organization Zero-One"]

samurai battle game "IKUSA" event is run by NPO organization Zero-One.

Our mission is settling playing-outide as culture again.

We aim a creation of society which through child to adult can share the joyful time and where they can feel the splendor of playing-outside.


Thu Nov 23, 2017
4:45 PM - 6:15 PM JST
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Morinomiya Q's mall BASE footsul court on the roof floor
Evenly SOLD OUT ¥1,000
Venue Address
2-1-70, Morinomiyachuou, Chuouku, Osaka city Japan
3min walk from "Morinomiya station" of JR or subway-chuo line