Yoga in the Park: 100 minutes of JOY w. Theresa Data | Peatix,2011:1 2017-11-13T12:01:08+08:00 Peatix Cynthia Wong Yoga in the Park: 100 minutes of JOY w. Theresa Data,2017:event-321016 2017-11-12T09:40:00MYT 2017-11-12T09:40:00MYT Yoga in the Park – 100 minutes of pure JOYSelf Love Flow ~ Relax, Breath and Tune InMove through this beautiful hatha flow practice in the open morning air. Allow your body to relax, tune in and energize as you take time for yourself ~ let the stress of last week float away and restore balance as you welcome the coming week.This morning flow will allow you to move through your practice on a mind-body level. You’ll be encouraged to explore movements and cultivate mindfulness to be truly present in your body. The class will incorporate hatha asanas with a gentle flow to focus on building strength and flexibility while promoting relaxation.This flow series focuses on tuning in to your body and intuition. Every day we take in so much information, that we often forget how to listen to the most important thing in our lives ~ ourselves! Our bodies are full of internal wisdom, that little voice in your head telling you to slow down and take a rest, the confusion that comes from constantly listening to external sources instead of ourselves. When we tune into the body, the mind settles, creating the conditions for clarity and calm.You’ll be guided through a chakra healing meditation, including mantras for self-love and acceptance. This is a beautiful practice for grounding and centering oneself.Perfect for all levels ~ beginners will be offered modifications and additional guidance. Intermediate students will be encouraged to explore the deeper aspects of yoga through connection with the breath and allowing the practice to become a meditation in motion.Morning includes:- 80 minutes of yoga to build strength and flexibility, quiet the mind and connect with the body- 20 minutes of guided meditation- great energy and vibes :)- water will be providedHow does it work:- meet in front of 'Chinoz in the park' terrace entrance near the water fountains at 9:30 am- yoga class starts 9:45am sharp [80min yoga + 20 min meditation]- if you’re late: the location for the yoga will be in the activities area in the KLCC park, near the Traders Hotel- please bring your own YOGA MAT or blanket- in the event of rain, we'll notify all ticket-holders by email -- and offer a choice of attending the postponed date (following Sunday), future credit, or refundTickets are rm50 each, book your spot - the yoga treacher:Theresa is a yogini at heart with a passion for sharing the practices that continue to transform her life. Her life is dedicated to teaching ~ yoga, meditation, mindfulness, in addition to being a school teacher. Theresa brings mindfulness to youth and educates them on the importance of self-love, emotional intelligence, and finding moments of calm in an increasingly demanding world.Originally from Canada, Theresa has traveled the world to learn practices from inspiring yoga and spiritual teachers. In addition to yoga and mindfulness, Theresa has also studied Reiki, Kundalini Kriya and Breathwork.These practices have had such a profound influence on Theresa’s life ~ allowing her to find greater peace, tune into her intuition, cultivate meaningful connections and appreciate the beauty in everyday life. Theresa’s most recent journey was focused on self-love and self-acceptance. She feels this is so important in a world that constantly demands more and makes us feel not good enough. She believes it is her life’s purpose to spread love and to inspire others to look inwards to find their own light.