Exclusive Autumn Event Shōjin-Ryōri 「TERAKOYA Meets #7」


Exclusive Autumn Event

Shōjin-Ryōri (Japanese vegetaraian cuisine) Luncheon and Classical Japanese Dance Workshop

We invite you to spend a tranquil afternoon with a Shōjin-Ryōri Luncheon at Shōun-ji temple, one of the most prestigious Zen temples in Tokyo.

Date: November 23, 2017 (Labor Thanksgiving Day)

Time: 14:00-16:00

Capacity: 25 people

Fee: 8,000 yen

Originally developed as vegetarian cuisine for Zen priests, Shōjin-Ryōri (Japanese vegetarian cuisine) has been passed down at Zen temples throughout history.

Come join us to enjoy a delicious Shōjin-Ryōri luncheon at one of the most prestigious Zen temples in Tokyo. Tucked away in a quiet area in Hiroo, the temple and its serene surroundings will be an escape from the city jungle. We promise a tranquil afternoon with delicious dishes made delicately with carefully picked seasonal vegetables, tōfu, and grains by chef Noriko Araki.

After the luncheon, there will be a workshop on Classical Japanese Dance by Ms. Ume Nakamura, the appointed Heiress to the Nakamura School of Japanese Dance.

The Nakamura family is one of the most renowned families in Kabuki, and the Nakamura School of Japanese Dance is in charge of the choreography of the Nakamura-za Kabuki performance.

The Nakamura School of Dance is closely tied with Kabuki theatre, so you will be able to enjoy Kabuki once you understand the moves of the dances and their implicit meanings.

Join us for this special experience to enjoy and experience Japanese culture surrounded by autumn foliage at Shōun-ji temple.


Ms. Ume Nakamura

Granddaughter of the late Kabuki actor Shikan Nakamura VII (Honored a Person of Cultural Merit in 2006), eldest daughter of Umeya Nakamura II, the 8th Headmaster of the Nakamura School of Japanese Dance.

She is currently the Principal for the TOKOHANA project that teaches young Japanese women the aesthetics of Japanese culture through Japanese dance, ikebana, sadō, kabuki, etc.

Ms. Noriko Araki

Shōjin-Ryōri Specialist

Born in Kobe and raised in Kyoto, Noriko Arakai specializes in Shōjin-Ryōri.

Growing up in an environment in which both her grandmother and mother loved to cook, Ms. Araki always had a passion for food.

After graduating from Kobe College and studying in France, she came back to Japan to go to culinary school, and attained her cooking license.

She started working at the Sekai Bunka Publishing Company as an editor for cooking books, and in 2007, she started her own business to pursue cooking further.

Currently, she provides recipes and consulting to companies and restaurants along with her various works in publishing. She is also the Principle of her own cooking class.

Her motto for cooking is to create delicately prepared dishes that are simple and in season.

Produced by Mr. Souzui Iwasaki, Head Master of Shōun-ji temple and Sai Products

In affiliation with: WaNavi Japan / Terakoya Meets

Hiroo Shōun-ji Marche

At Shōun-ji temple, the first “Hiroo Shōunji Marche” will take place within the temple precincts from 10:00-15:00.

The Hiroo Shōun-ji Marche is produced by the Zenryū-ji Temple Lohas Project. You will find fresh, organic vegetables and herbs harvested at a farm near the Zenryu-ji temple in Odawara, Kanagawa prefecture. The Zenryū-ji Temple Lohas Project aims to provide a Zen experience through farm work and Zen meditation for busy modern people in a rich nature environment. Through this experience, participants will be able to clean the dusts accumulated in their minds, and go back to a state of appreciation towards the many blessings in life, becoming mindful and healthy.

Please look forward to fresh onions, eggplant, bell peppers, lemons, and mikan, etc. harvested through this wonderful project!

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Thu Nov 23, 2017
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM JST
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Exclusive Autumn Event Shōjin-Ryōri Luncheon and Classical Japanese Dance Workshop SOLD OUT ¥8,000
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