The Power of Sound and Chakras

AGEAC invites you to a practical seminar about the Power of Sound and the activation of the Chakras.

We will learn what is sound, what are mantras and how can we use them for our psychological and physical wellness.
We will also study the secret anatomy of our body, the seven main Chakras related to our seven endocrine glands and how they can influence our health and inner faculties.

All the cells of the human organism are sustained by sound... All that is in movement makes sound… in all the Universe resounds the seven tones of the great scale with the marvellous rhythms of Fire.

Fee: 10$
Reserve your seat by calling or sending your name to: 82564765 or to singapore@ageac.org.

The lecture will continue with a self-knowledge course every Friday at 7:30 pm with different topics in the following order:
- What are dreams (how to understand them)
-The Fourth Dimension
-Lucid Dreaming and Astral projections
-Techniques for living in the moment
-The Inner Transformation
-The Spiritual Path and ordinary Life
-The Laws of Destiny
-Mysteries of Death
-Reincarnation, Return and Recurrence
-Transmigration of Souls
-What is the Mind and how to control it
-Developing Intuition and Creative Imagination

See you soon!
Fri Nov 3, 2017
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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SCWO (Singapore Council of Women's Organizations)
Entrance FULL
Venue Address
Waterloo Street 96 Singapore
AGEAC Singapore