Zai -being- 在 (theatrical performance with music, dance, color and visual)


Zai -being-, a theatrical entertainment show to explore 7 chakras in your body through music, dance, color and visuals.

You will travel from the 1st to the 7th chakra with performers who represent each chakra beautifully passionately and truly.

Door open: 15:00

Show start: 15:30

Show end: 16:50


Nahoko Sugiyama, Sakurako Kataoka, Vado Diomonde Kotchegna, Saco Yasuma, Brad MacDonald, Megumi Saruhashi, Christopher Pelham, Naoe Moriya

The message from the creator of Zai, Nahoko Sugiyama

How Zai came to me

I attended a guided meditation accompanied with sounds at the end of 2012. While the meditation was getting deeper and deeper, the sounds led me to such an amazing experience. I felt as if I was melting or merging into the universe. There was no physical body, no limitation but there was only expansion and freedom. There was only my soul existing along with the universe. I was truly in bliss. I was totally in love. I was one with the divine.

During the session, I was enjoying each moment realizing that there was no future and past because there was only now existing. I learned by living in the moment, I could shine my soul to live to the fullest in my own creative ways.

I also stared having appreciations to myself, others, the earth, the universe, everything more than ever and had me witness the fact that we are all connected and we are love and in love.

These experiences inspired me to create Zai. I would have liked to follow each chakra one by one from the base to the crown led by distinguished music and dance related to the specific properties which each chakra offers. There are 7 stories.

I am hoping that Zai takes you to a spritual jorny to reach the true state of your mind at the end. We resonate, refleft and remember what we truly are together. What will you be inspired to be after Zai?

Sun Nov 5, 2017
3:00 PM - 4:50 PM EST
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The Bernie Wohl Center
Standard SOLD OUT $30.00
Venue Address
647 Columbus Avenue New York NY 10024 United States
Nahoko Sugiyama Dance Project