Kamek Kitak Human Library Vol. 2

Kamek, Kitak: We Are Not Labels is a community-initiated, community-driven event modelled after the Human Library Project. In this special living library, readers borrow not books, but humans.

How exactly does a Human Library work?

First you have a Book, a volunteer with a unique life story who has courageously agreed to share his story. Each Book represents a typical stereotype of a stigmatized topic.This prejudice or stereotype can be directed towards the person’s chosen occupation, appearance or lifestyle choice.

Then you have a Reader, a member of the public who comes to borrow a Human Book. He/she sits down for a 20-min conversation with the Book, asking questions of each other, and building understanding.

Finally you have a Librarian, a volunteer who registers Readers at the Front Desk, recommends Books from our Catalogue, checks out Books and returned Books and generally manages event flow.

Intrigued already? Come borrow a Human Book on Nov 18 at the Old Courthouse! Face your prejudices, and have an open conversation with each of our "books", listen to their stories and challenge stubborn stereotypes. Play your part in building bridges and promoting understanding of diversity in Kuching. Each of us are more than the labels we represent.

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Sat Nov 18, 2017
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM MYT
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The Old Courthouse, Kuching
General Admission FULL
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The Old Courthouse, Kuching Malaysia
Kamek Kitak