Madden 18 Head To Head Reset Coming

We are the best place online to buy Madden 18 Coins but we also love to play the game as well. One of the best things in this year’s Madden is Head To Head and thanks to the new more, skill based gameplay, you really feel like you have earned all those fans how are supporting you.

Well, a reset/new season is coming to Head To Head which means that all of your hard work is about to be gone. Some people do not like this, but to be honest with you we like how it happens every month or so as it means that things get reset back to normal and you can grind all again. You want to be grinding so that you can get those ten million fans that are going to ensure you get to Hall Of Fame level.

We actually like the reset, to be honest with you. Some months you may try something new in Head To Head and totally screw up, resulting in you having a very poor run. This though is not permanent and you can just slog through it and then start anew the following month. With the reset coming, you want to take this opportunity to try new things. Try things and see if they are going to work and then you can hit the floor running when the new Head To Head starts.

One of the best things about Head To Head in Madden 18 is that we all have our own way of playing and trying to get that Hall Of Fame status. We would love to hear what you guys plan to do in the last days of the first Head To Head in Madden 18.

Fri Apr 13, 2018
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
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