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"Let's ignore the fact that Newton is a three-time Pro Bowler and the 2015 MVP. Let's ignore the fact that Newton has decreased his number of rushes every year since entering the league (barring his 2015 MVP season). Let's also ignore that Newton has 48 rushing touchdowns to 136 passing touchdowns, and has never had more of the former than the NBA 2K18 MT latter.Newton's style of play isn't indicative of a lesser form of quarterbacking.

It's a natural progression that sees players on both sides of the ball getting bigger, stronger, faster and more athletic. If Newton hadn't run as often as he did in 2017, the 36 sacks Carolina gave up (tied for 13th-most in the league) could have been even worse. Cowherd could have mentioned that, but then, that requires some nuanced thought and about 30 minutes' worth of research.Like the Panthers said, he seems to have taken the easier, lazier way to cover sports. Bill Belichick congratulates 'tough Croatian' Rob Ninkovich on tremendous career | NFL | Sporting News.

One of the things Bill Belichick loved about Rob Ninkovich was his toughness.After Ninkovich announced his retirement from the NFL on Sunday, both Belichick and Patriots owner Robert Kraft lauded the 33-year-old linebacker for an 11-year career that saw him win a pair of Super Bowls with the Patriots."Rob is one of the most unselfish players I’ve ever coache"

elichick said Sunday. "Like a lot of guys, he came in here very unheralded; [Tom] Brady, Malcolm Butler, guys like that and the guy he replaced, No. 50 Mike Vrabel. [He] didn’t come in with a lot of fanfare but just came in and worked hard and became a very, very versatile player for us."Ninkovich played every linebacker position and defensive end and was even the backup long snapper.

But what Belichick loved the most out of Ninkovich, originally a fifth-round pick from Purdue by the Saints in the 2006 NFL Draft, was his toughness."My relationship with Rob dates all the way back to Purdue when we scouted him coming out in the ’06 draft, right?

He was a little bit of a ‘Was he a linebacker? Was he a defensive end?’ Well it turned out he was both and we missed him the first time around but we finally got it right," Belichick said. "He’s Croatian so I knew he was tough. There was never any doubt about that.

All Croatians are tough."But after New Orleans, Miami, back to Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins New Orleans, we’re sitting there in training camp in 2009 lacking a little depth at the outside linebacker position. Nick [Caserio] said ‘There’s a guy, Rob, he should be on a roster, he should be in a camp and he’s available so let’s get him.’

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