CRIB presents The Giving Speech by Knowmium Consulting

The Workshops:

Great communication on both a personal level and an organizational level is like driving a car.We can take courses from top driving instructors, but only real-world practice over time will make us great drivers. We can take training from top communication trainers, but only real-world practice will make us great communicators. Pick and choose from the 3 workshops you would like to attend alacarte style.

1. Speak to Persuade: Duration: 2-hour, 11:00AM - 1:00PM

Focusing on presentation content, structure, voice, and body language
that uses participants’ personal speech ideas and delivery styles in order to create change and action from the audience. PLEASE NOTE: In order to fully participate and get the best out of this workshop, you need to prepare a 3-4 minute persuasive speech (ie, "Something you'd like to change in your company, organization, or society.") NO POWERPOINT OR VISUALS NEEDED

It’s estimated over 80 million presentations are given around the world everyday. Most of them are not making the most of their opportunity, and billions are lost yearly on dull speeches with little follow through and no power. Isn’t it time we communicated better? The goal of a great presentation is not its completion, but in how much the audience remembers and acts. In both prepared and impromptu situations we need the ability to deliver more powerful audience focused speeches.


  • Increased knowledge about different ways of communicating with different audiences.

  • How to craft a speech that creates memory and action.

  • How to establish stage presence and rapport with the audience.

  • Increased knowledge about different ways of communicating with different audiences.

  • How to craft a speech that creates memory and action.

  • How to establish stage presence and rapport with the audience.

2. Writing for Success: Duration: 2-hour, 1:15PM - 3:15PM

Honing emails, letters, and documents into more efficient and effective
messages that are faster to read, easier to understand, and evoke change and action from the Readers. PLEASE NOTE: In order to fully participate and get the best out of this workshop, please bring 2 personal emails in medium to long length. It is best if these are emails you've written in the past, and you can create new emails if needed.

On an average day we spend at least 30% of our time writing emails, memos,and reports. Both the volume and speed of business communication is increasing rapidly, leading to massive overload on the reader side. How can we make sure what you write gets read and acted upon? The writing we share must be focused, concise, accurate and compelling, in order to keep interest. Fair or not: people will form opinions about you, and your career prospects will be affected, by way you write. Our approach provides pinpointed feedback to your specific writing needs, and gives you the ability to not only contribute more effectively from an organizational perspective, but also to better succeed in terms of your own professional development. What of you do you want people to see when they open your message?


  • Short, clear sentences that make their point

  • Documents whose key information stands out

  • Efficient email that leads to action

  • Positive language that connects with the reader

3. Influence and Advocacy: Duration: 2-hour, 3:30PM - 5:30PM

Understand our personal persuasion and communication styles as
well as others’ styles and then learning how to better communicate with others through
language tactics, questions, and listening skills. No pre-work needed.

About Robert Kienzle

Robert has 12 years of business and education training experience in the markets of Asia and North America. After completing his Masters in Communication studies at the University of Arkansas, USA as well as Oxford and Cambridge, UK, he began his career first in North America training politicians, organization administrators, and sales representatives in order to refine their rhetoric and persuasive approaches. Later, Robert worked as a researcher and consultant for global businesses and their agents in Brazil, China,India, Mexico, USA, and UK.

In Asia, Robert is former faculty at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea, and currently works with Fortune 100 and S&P Asia 50 companies throughout the region conducting workshops and coaching management in presentation, negotiation, intercultural communication, influence, writing, and other skills. Robert is a Distinguished Toastmaster in Toastmasters International and was a World Championship of Public Speaking semi-finalist in 2014 and 2015.

About Knowmiun

Last year corporations spent over 100 Billion USD worldwide on training. How much of that was well spent, and directly contributed to participant change on the job? Knowmium Consulting delivers best in class research, training, and consulting in persuasive communications, all tailored to the cross-cultural environments of Asia.

The Giving Speech

Knowmium Consulting created its non-profit sector, The Giving Speech, to provide our core programs to qualified non-profits and NGOs throughout the Asia region. We understand all management, staff, and volunteers benefit from communication training, and we understand that budgets and funding are often scarce for professional training. We enjoy giving back to communities, networking with new people, and making a difference in people’s lives.

Knowmium Consulting has partnered with CRIB, a non-profit social enterprise that empowers women to become successful entrepreneurs through networking, co-founder matching, business equipping, and incubation, to provide impactful workshops to the businesses in our community. These workshops will help female founders, all entrepreneurs no matter what stage to improve their business writing, the ability to give a persuasive presentation, and strengthen communication style.


JustCo is Singapore’s largest co-working space in the Central Business District (CBD). It was established to meet the growing demand for creative, collaborative workspaces integrating lifestyle, community and technology into the work environment. It offers an open, dynamic environment which includes an expansive common area for networking and collaboration, as well as a games room for clients to relax and unwind. Clients have the flexibility of getting a desk or a dedicated and secured studio space with access to all shared facilities.

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Tue Nov 14, 2017
11:00 AM - 5:30 PM SGT
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Just Co, UIC
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