Craig Jones Seminar Singapore


Seminars are open to All, and 2 hour sessions.

***Synergy seminar timing now 4-6pm.** same day.

Seminar 1

Trifecta Martial Arts @ Central Square

Address: 20 Havelock Rd, Singapore 059765

October 18th, 12-2pm.

Seminar 2

Synergy MMA & BJJ Singapore

Address: 43B, Hong Kong Street, 059667, 059667

October 18th, 7-9pm. ((ADJUSTED TO 4-6pm))

Seminar 3

Team Highlight Reel

Address: 5 Craig Rd, Singapore 089665

October 19th, 730-930pm.

About Craig:

Most recently recognised for his performance in ADCC 2017 World Championships, Craig began training Jiu Jitsu and MMA in Adelaide in the late 2000's after being exposed to the UFC. At first he had intentions of competing in MMA but after his first few BJJ tournaments he realised he enjoyed pure Jiu Jitsu much more and set his sights on that. Whilst still training in Adelaide Craig was able to achieve some State and National level Gold medals but to take his training to the next level he moved to Melbourne.

After starting to train with Lachlan Giles, Craig soon became Australia's first male to win an IBJJF world championship. As of 2016 Craig is an instructor for the Absolute MMA team and an MA1, Hyperfly x Fightlife Asia sponsored athlete.

Craig Jones in Singapore

Craig x Keenan - Flow Roll

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Oct 18 - Oct 19, 2017
[ Wed ] - [ Thu ]
12:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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Seminar 1 - Trifecta Martial Arts SOLD OUT $50.00
Seminar 1 - Trifecta SOLD OUT $50.00
Seminar 2 - Synergy SOLD OUT $50.00
Seminar 3 - Team Highlight Reel SOLD OUT $50.00
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