Entrepreneurship and Capital in the 21st Century


Entrepreneurs and capital are generally recognized as key elements for economic development. However, mainstream economics fails to deliver a realistic account of entrepreneurial function and capital nature; in fact, textbook economics is entrapped into a static and timeless paradigm, in which there is no space for the dynamic discovery process which unfolds through market interactions.

In reality, each of us is daily engaged in discovering purposes consistent with his/her own expectations; and, in order to achieve them, it is necessary to define and implement plans which imply the usage of so-called capital goods. The relationship between the action to achieve ends and the goods combined together into plans to implement that action is the typical relationship between entrepreneurial activity and capital formation. It is therefore clear that, in order to properly appreciate such processes, a radically subjectivist approach to economics is necessary. A hermeneutical, interpretative, analysis of the micro-foundations at the root of those dynamics is the key to understand their macro-consequences. Our guest speaker, Dr Ferlito, deals with these topics in his latest book, Hermeneutics of Capital. A Post-Austrian Theory for a Kaleidic World (Hauppauge, NY, Novinka, 2016), which will be presented during the conference.

[Who should attend?]
This talk comes at a timely juncture in the 21st century. Even as anti-globalisation forces are emerging, there are concerns about how capitalism exacerbates inequality, exploits individuals and are subject to serious crises. Are these concerns justified? How can we better understand these economic challenges that the world faces?

If you're interested these questions, or are into economic theory, history and policy, this event is ideal for you. Anyone with an interest in the relevance of economic thinking for real-world challenges, including concerns about inequality, capitalist exploitation, innovation, economic growth will benefit from this talk and discussion. Our events are tailored for students and young people, but everyone is welcome to attend.

[About the speaker]
Our guest speaker is Dr Carmelo Ferlito. Dr Ferlito is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) in Kuala Lumpur and an Adjunct Faculty Member at INTI International College Subang in Subang Jaya, where he teaches economics for the University of Wollongong Programme.
He earned a Master in Economics (2003) and a Ph.D. in Economic History (2007) from the University of Verona in Italy. From 2004 to 2009 he worked as researcher with several Italian universities, including University of Verona, Salento University and University of Macerata. In 2017 he was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Bergamo.

His research activity is devoted to further expand free market economics as taught by the Austrian School of Economics, with particular reference to business cycle analysis and capital theory. Carmelo Ferlito is not only a scholar. In the past ten years he developed a strong business background, working in Southeast Asia enhancing the regional business for multinational companies producing equipment for the poultry industry.
Dr Ferlito is author of five books and more than thirty scientific papers. His research activity can be followed at the following page: https://carmeloferlito.academia.edu/.

[Programme in brief]
- Arrival (4pm)
- Talk by Dr Carmelo Ferlito (4.15pm - 5pm)
- Interactive Session of Q&A (5pm - 530pm)
- Networking (530pm - 6pm)

[Who are we?]
We are a part of a student movement in Singapore passionate about the intellectual tradition of classical liberalism. We believe that free and open societies enrich the lives of individuals and we aim to spread these ideas further. We are also affiliated with the International Students for Liberty (SFL) movement. Find out more here: https://www.studentsforliberty.org/about/

[Other notes]
The location has been confirmed. It is at ACC Eduhub (51 Cuppage Road, #03-01), a 3 mins walk from Somerset MRT. If you are interested to find out more about this or would like to offer your help, please email us at bcheang@studentsforliberty.org

Sat Nov 11, 2017
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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