Speaking from the Heart: Transforming your Message with your Body and Voice


Dr Gary Wohlman, Transformational Body Therapist & Communication Skills Expert, will be presenting a special session integrating two specialties. Entitled "Speaking from the Heart - Transforming Your Message with Your Body & Voice", this dynamic experience will be tremendous fun - and an opportunity for you to transform your relationship between you and your body, communication, creativity, partnership and contribution to humanity.

Some tools used in the Session:
1. The 3Vs of Communication
2. The Double Extreme Technique
3. The Grid System
4. The PEA Formula
5. The Speech Cycle
6. Developing Self-talk
7. Awakening the Hero

In this Monty-Python flavoured approach to generating swift breakthroughs in communication, you will walk away with tangible tools to revitalize your thinking, speaking and actions - on all stages of your life. The session will be scenario-based, derived from authentic moments and themes in people's lives.

In the transformational body therapy, Gary works with the body and stretches the muscles while speaking like Dr Seuss in rhyming affirmations - to transport people on a whimsical vision quest and swiftly transform self-talk, freeing up communication and relating in people's bodies, minds and lives.


Video: The Age, Fairfax Media Group, Australia “The Body Speaks” (3:18), Oct 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_rGHngnJJU

About Gary Wohlman

Dr Gary is an international presentation coach that works with and train managing directors, CEOs, and executive members of organizations, along with other professional speakers, leaders, entrepreneurs and performers in various industries. Gary combines 45 years of performance-based leadership training, team-building and platform skills, and uses his proven methodology, “The ‘Wohlman Method’ of connecting inner purpose with outer presentation, to align intention with purpose. To liberate vitality, creativity and gifts of expression through the body and reach new levels of connection with wider audiences.

“At a global level, I am committed to catalysing collective contributions, to transform survival into ‘thrival’, and am on a quest to assist fellow presenters find their authority, authenticity and audience engagement. At a deeper level, I am here to assist others to ‘take a stand’, to bring their voice and message out into the world, and share their gifts of self-expression and make the biggest differences possible.”

Gary graduated with honours from the esteemed Horace Mann School, where he received Headmaster’s award for top student. He also graduated with a combined Pre-med and Psychology degree from John Hopkins University, and later went on to pursue humanistic studies in the Human Potential Movement, where he developed his own system of transformation body therapy. That grew into presentation coaching and into the present day Wohlman method. This “Wohlman Method for the Whole Person” is also government accredited under the Department of Education & Training (DET) in Australia in 2002. Gary also obtained his PhD in Psychology and Expressive Art Therapy. He had been interviewed by the media on “Asia Talk”, “The Age, Fairfax Media Group”, in “The Morning Show”, by Gary Schuller of Business Marketplace and “The Shtick”.

Sat Oct 28, 2017
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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Basic Essence
2Hr Talk Intro Price (Usual full-day talk: AUD 189) SOLD OUT $25.00
Talk + 1 Hr Body Therapy Intro Price (1 - 2pm): Usual Price: AUD 150 SOLD OUT $100.00
Talk + 1 Hr Body Therapy Intro Price (2 - 3pm): Usual Price: AUD 150 SOLD OUT $100.00
Talk + 1 Hr Body Therapy Intro Price (3 - 4pm): Usual Price: AUD 150 SOLD OUT $100.00
Talk + 1 Hr Body Therapy Intro Price (4 - 5pm): Usual Price: AUD 150 SOLD OUT $100.00
Talk + 1 Hr Body Therapy Intro Price (5 - 6pm): Usual Price: AUD 150 SOLD OUT $100.00
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501 Bukit Timah Road #04-04 Cluny Court Singapore
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