Profit From The Stocks Market Using Simplified Trading System By Andy Yew


LIVE Market Presentation On Generating Wealth Consistently in the Stock Market

With Malaysia's 14th General Elections coming up, are you equipped with the right knowledge and tools to profit in the Stock Market when opportunities arises in Bursa Malaysia and across the regional markets?

Are you looking for easy-to-learn financial market analytics tool that is suitable for new & experienced traders/investors with well-timed Buy & Sell Signals that is proven to get you in & out early?

Look no further as we will be sharing on how you can profit using the ART Stock Trading System from the stock picks and profit even during tough market conditions and sideway markets!


In this FREE 3-Hour Live Session, what will you learn:

  • How to Pick the Right Stock

Use a proven methodology of filtering the gems from the thousands within an exchange. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the ART Stock Trading System to identify the true gems from the rest.

  • When to Buy and Sell

Short-term perspective, news and events make the stock market an extremely volatile place. Learn to determine the target Entry and Exit points by logical mathematical calculation which in turns enables you to buy and sell high potential stocks at their best prices.

  • The Mindset of Successful Top Investors

Why do some investors fail while some succeed? Find out the difference that separates the top investors from the average investors. Learn what it takes to breakaway from the crowd and build your own million dollar portfolio, achieving a remarkable Return On Investment (ROI).

  • How to Identify Low-Risk Investing Opportunities

Use simple ROI-based calculations in any market situations to spot profitable investing opportunities that will multiply your profits while protecting your capital at the same time.

*BONUS: Candlestick chart reading tips and techniques to aid you in your investing decisions.

This Seminar Is Suitable For:

  • Participants that are New to Trading or Investing
  • Participants that are Experienced Traders and Want to Learn How to be more Profitable
  • Participants that would like to know How to use your Money to work harder for you to Generate Good Profits
  • Participants that a looking for Trading System that Assist You to Generate Consistent Profits



My name is Andy Yew and just like any of you, when I was young, my parents always tell me to study hard, get a good job and eventually I will have a good life.

Little did I know that it is not entirely true.

In fact, after I graduated, I worked as a technician in the oil and gas industry and after working for one year, I was only given a measly pay raise of RM60.

It set me thinking to whether I can even afford my first flat, starting my own family and realising my dream of owning a car.

In 2005, I started my own stock trading journey. As a graduate with a Bachelor in Business (Economic and Finance), I have learnt almost everything about technical analysis, fundamental analysis and macroeconomics.


After making some money in 2010, I quit my job to become a full-time stock broker. In just a few years, I received several stock industry accolades including Top CFD Specialist 2012, Top 10 CFD Award 2013, Top CFD Specialist 2013 as well as the Best Performance Award 2014.

I have also been sharing my knowledge with investors on Singapore Radio 938 Live as well as my 'Live' interview on Singapore TV Channel 8's MoneyWeek.


Throughout my trading journey, I realized the importance of proper coaching and a solid trading system. This led me to discover the ART Stock Trading System.

Today, I have imparted my knowledge in over 500 seminars to more than 10,000 attendees and to all my students who wants to succeed in the stock market.

During this 3-hr LIVE workshop, I will be sharing with you the same ART Stock Trading System that hundreds of smart investors are using to generate their source of passive income.

The best part? It is applicable even if you are a total newbie!


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