Rome Expats MultiLingual Social Mingle (TESTACCIO)


If you are looking to meet new people living, working or traveling in Rome come to our Tuesday Social night!! Fun International professionals from all over the world are ready to meet you!

There will be 4 hosts dedicated to help you and they are wearing name tags. Now keep in mind we are not miracle workers engaging works both ways!! See you on Tuesday and don't forget to reserve for our events.

Remember our Happy Hour(S) are Engaging Hour(S)

Don't be shy!!! We'll introduce you to newcomers. We connect people on line and take them off line to connect in real life!! More about us here.

Cost with full buffet €10 food & drink - 2nd drinks Beer/Wine €5 Cocktails menu price.

There will be a list for this event. For those that DO NOT want to eat please come after 10:30 PM. Space is limited.

✔ This event gives you great opportunity to network & socialize with fellow expats in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

➡ 19:30 to 21:00 - Italian & English Lessons for those that signed up.
➡ 20:00 - MEET & GREET before we EAT
➡ 20:30 - Food & Friends HAPPY HOUR(S) start

Cost with full buffet €10 food & drink - 2nd drinks Beer/Wine €5 Cocktails menu price.

If you are attending for the first time please introduce yourself some on the Rome Expats Team so that we can help you network and introduce you to others.

ITALIAN LESSONS - 8 weeks €80.00 Sign up here

SPEAKIAMO ENGLISH: Puoi iscriverti da oggi ai nostri corsi con insegnanti madrelingua. la prima lezione di prova è gratuita. Sito


Thank you

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Tue Oct 3, 2017
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM CET
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