Players Find PC Problems About NBA 2K18 MyCareer And MyPlayer

It seems that NBA 2K18 is another of those games that has not been released with good footing. A few days ago, players complained about some PC problems, such as FPS download, numerous drops, long waiting times, black screen, games that can not boot ... Since 2K have asked for patience to users, but a concrete problem is all a headache: data saved (and missing) MyCareer mode.

Since the company has been confirming for a few days that there are different errors that lead to the loss of progress in MyCareer or MyPlayer profile. The players are not sure what to do, and it seems that since 2K are also not very clear where to start. Since last day 16, they are in charge of updating this article on the support website to be able to help as much as possible... while looking for a definitive solution.

In addition to patience, users are asked to ensure that their account is correct and that the account is in the optimal situation. But the many problems remain. Let's hope that a crash release is only anecdotal and the game will develop normally.

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Sat Sep 30, 2017
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