TALK EVENT:「Steidl Book Award: How to make a book with Steidl」


日時:2017年10月5日(木)19:00~20:30 入場無料

2016年4月にシンガポールの文化施設「DECK」で開催された「Steidl Book Award Asia」と、2016年9月にTOKYO ART BOOK FAIRで開催された「Steidl Book Award Japan」はいずれも8名の受賞者が選ばれています。

「Steidl Book Award Asia」の受賞作家たちは今年の1月にドイツのSteidl社を訪れ、ゲルハルト・シュタイデル氏との共同作業を経てこの秋に各受賞者の作品集が刊行されました。Steidl Book Award Japanの受賞者8名の制作も来年の1月からスタート、刊行は来年の秋を予定しています。



Steidl Book Award Asiaより
Woong Soak Teng ( 8 books for Asia)
Robert Zhao Renhui ( 8 books for Asia)
Kapil Das ( 8 books for Asia)
Yukari Chikura ( 8 books for Asia)
Park Jong woo ( 8 books for Asia)
Gwen Lee (DECK ディレクター)

Steidl Book Award Japanより
平野 聡
長谷川 匠
相模 智之
渡部 敏哉
石塚 元太良
小松 透
鈴木 達朗
中島 佑介(TOKYO ART BOOK FAIRディレクター)

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Date: October 5th 19:00 – 20:30 Free Entrance

The “Steidl Book Award Asia,” held in April 2016 at Singapore’s photography-focused independent art space, DECK, along with the “Steidl Book Award Japan,” held in September 2016 at the TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR, have both respectively selected eight artists as their prize winners.

January of this year, the award-winning artists of the “Steidl Book Award Asia” visited the Steidl office in Germany, where they engaged in collaborative work with Mr. Gerhard Steidl. This autumn, the fruits of those labors came to fruition, with each of the eight winners having their respective work-collections published. The eight winners of the “Steidl Book Award Japan” are slated to begin their collaborative production work starting from January of next year, with their respective collections slated for publishing next autumn.

This talk event is formatted as a “dialogue” experience, in which Japanese prize winners, with their collaborative production work slated to begin next year, pose questions regarding Steidl’s book-making process. In response, those award winners who have already concluded their work deliver answers. The interexchange between queries and responses vividly unravels the reality of book-making at Steidl, while also making observations on the state of today’s art-book publishing world.

From [Steidl Book Award Asia]
Woong Soak Teng
Robert Zhao Renhui
Kapil Das
Yukari Chikura
Park Jong woo
Gwen Lee (DECK Director)

From Steidl Book Award Japan
Satoshi Hirano
Takumi Hasegawa
Tomoyuki Sagami
Toshiya Watanabe
Gentaro Ishizuka
Toru Komatsu
Tatsuo Suzuki
Yusuke Nakajima (Tokyo Art Book Fair Director)

Thu Oct 5, 2017
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM JST
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