How to Live Green via Malaysia Solar PV Incentive


Nothing more cool than living with Solar PV energy for your assets! As a cool kid, you shouldn’t miss out such an opportunity by Solarvest, the leading solar PV industry player in Malaysia! We will teach you the tricks on how to survive here in Malaysia with solar PV Incentive while you will be carrying the “GREEN AMBASSADOR” light.

When the sun is rising, when the birds are singing, and when the human is growing, what will you do to make the world a better place to live? Going Green is the new sexy and Going Green does not just a phrase. Today, let’s walk the talk & save the world.

What People Will Learn*:

· Malaysia energy road map & plans

· Malaysia solar pv incentives road map

· Net energy metering for residential & how to get the license

· Net Energy Metering for Industrial & Tips on incentives and loans

About the speaker*:

Ms Loo, Qiu Xi, is the extraordinary Solarvee in Solarvest. Being young in the age never reflect being ignorant in the industry. As a Business Development Executive, Ms Loo continuously drives the company portfolio with her undying passion in creating a green society. Being the best presenter in her Dale Carnegie class, you will definitely be amazed by her informative yet lively sharing on the green chapter!

Grab the seats and see you there!

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Wed Oct 25, 2017
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