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Facebook is a highly popular social networking site. Facebook virus has now become a major problem; the virus generally spreads through a Facebook profile or friend list in msn messenger. You receive a message from any of your friends which could read somewhat like Is it alright if I upload this picture of us to Facebook. Thereafter, you will get a file request with a random name.

There are two major ways this virus spreads.

The first way is through msn messenger. Once you accept the file with the random file name, the virus will spread to all your friends on the friend list automatically each time you log into your account. You can’t place the responsibility on the friend who sent you this virus. He/she is a victim too.

The second way is through Facebook. This is a popular virus spreading route. There would be a message with a random website link. The link will take you to a site(such as YouTube) and request you to download a file. After you have downloaded and installed the file, the virus would spread through Facebook and/or msn messenger.

To avoid this problem, do not open anything before verifying that it is send directly by your friend. Check by sending an inquiry mail to your friend.

Over four hundred million people use Facebook to keep contact with friends and family. This huge number is a golden chance for hackers to target unsuspecting identity theft victims. The latest Facebook virus attempts to steal banking and other personal information.

the virus attack begins with an email which tells the recipient that his/her Facebook password has been reset and must be updated in order to log in email has an attachment which the recipient is told to click on in order to get his/her new credentials. Once the attachment I opened, it downloads several malicious software. This latest attack was spread via regular internet email across the world.

It is probable that millions of computers will be infected by this virus. The emails subject is as follows Facebook password reset confirmation customer support. This should instantly alert you. Another of the latest Facebook virus is Koobface.

There are certain ways to protect you from this attack which is listed below:

You should stay constantly updated; this includes updating anti-virus and anti-malware software. Browser security should be reviewed.

You should be aware of the latest attacks happening and shouldn’t assume that messages from friends and family pose no threat. The virus sends emails to addresses from stolen address books. You could be walking unwarily into a trap.

You can hire a Facebook Customer Care Number expert from reputed company to get quality identity theft protection.

Contact-customersupport.co.uk should go a long way in protecting you from the Facebook virus. Online facebook repair or remote technical support is the trend nowadays; with several facebook support service available online you can carry out a proper research before selecting Facebook Help Desk Number. You should definitely go in for remote technical support or online facebook repair and quality facebook support service should help you combat this potent threat. You can find relevant information here.

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