“Why Knowing Your “Why” is Your Greatest Tool For Success" - Personal Values Workshop


You need to know who you are on the inside to live the life you want on the outside.

Discover what makes you tick and drives your thinking and behaviour and link them to your business, career or entrepreneurial journey.

What People Will Learn*:

This workshop will take your self-awareness to a whole new level. Being aligned with your values creates clarity, inner harmony and certainty that will flow into all areas of your life. In 2 Hours, we will guide you to discover:

- The TOP 5 words that represents what matters to you most.

- The steps to take to change if you find you are not living in alignment with your values.

- How to let go of negative beliefs if they are no longer serving you.

- How to install new positive beliefs you have around money, prosperity and wealth and install them into your future.

Come and discover your true self and how having a strong “why” motivates, inspires and gives you purpose to pursue your goals and dreams!

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Wed Oct 11, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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46 Pengkalan Weld 10300 Penang. Malaysia
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