School of Concepts Edu-Phonics Term Classes At Singpost Centre

At School of Concepts, we encourage children to learn through play. We nurture independent learners who can read, write, spell, imagine and create! Our bespoke phonics curriculum uses sensory play, experiential play, arts and craft and speech and drama to introduce children to the wonderful world of alphabets and letters. Children learn the best when they are having fun, and we're here to harness their amazing potential! Discovery Foundation Phonics
Age: 2+

Children aged 2 and up will be introduced to all 26 letters of the alphabet through interactive games, activities, speech and drama, and arts and crafts. They will be taught one alphabet per week.

Every child will be given an Alphabet Explorer Kit which consists of a book focused on each Letter of the Week along with a craft or game which they can bring home. Our books contain flashcards, penmanship practice, logic based game activities, as well as colouring and cut out crafts which are developed and illustrated in-house.

Beginner Phonics

Age: 3+

Children will be taught to associate the sound of one letter to another, eventually stringing them together to form whole words. We continue to expand their vocabularies through word association. Our carefully sequenced word activities and worksheets encourage self-motivated learning.

They will be able to read and blend simple words “CAT”, “HOT”, “PIT” and at this stage would have built a vocabulary of 150 words with full understanding of how each word can be used.

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Oct 21 - Oct 22, 2017
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM SGT
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Singpost Shopping Centre
Discovery Foundation+Materials fees (Per Term 3PM-4PM) SOLD OUT $606.00
Discovery Foundation+Materials fees (Per Term 4PM-5PM) SOLD OUT $606.00
Beginner+Materials fees (Per Term 3PM-4PM) SOLD OUT $606.00
Beginner+Materials fees (Per Term 4PM-5PM) SOLD OUT $606.00
Discovery Foundation+Materials fees (Per Term 10AM-11AM) SOLD OUT $606.00
Discovery Foundation+Materials fees (Per Term 11AM-12PM) SOLD OUT $606.00
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