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While we have had a lot of fun being the number one place online to buy Safe Path Of Exile Currency. We are also super excited for the game to come to Xbox One.

While there have been some other MMORPG style games make the jump from PC to consoles, we really think that Path Of Exile could bet the game to really become something big. We say this because we feel that the Path Of Exile hack and slash style of gameplay is something that is really going to win over gamers who have never experienced this kind of game before.

Path Of Exile is launching on Xbox One (well by the time you have read this it will have already launched) with the full Path Of Exile experience. Xbox One owners are getting to jump straight into The Fall Of Oriath and they are getting pretty much everything us PC gamers who have been obsessed with POE Orb since the early days of the beta have experienced. They will get to play through ten acts, taking down a ton of bosses as they do and scoring all kinds of awesome loot.
One thing that is really cool is that the game is optimized for the Xbox One controller. Some may wonder if a controller is suitable for a game like this, but for people who are new coming to the game, who know no different, we are sure it will be much more accessible to those people than if they were to use a keyboard and mouse.

POE coming to Xbox One is awesome and we would love to hear you guys thoughts on it. Also if you are as hooked on the Fall Of Oriath as we are, take go to our Hot Sale where you can buy Cheap Path Of Exile Orbs.

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