School of Concepts Edu-Phonics Trial Class At Qiren Organization

At School of Concepts, we encourage children to learn through play. We nurture independent learners who can read, write, spell, imagine and create! Our bespoke phonics curriculum uses sensory play, experiential play, arts and craft and speech and drama to introduce children to the wonderful world of alphabets and letters. Children learn the best when they are having fun, and we're here to harness their amazing potential! Discovery Play Foundation (2-4 years old) For children who have not been exposed to phonics, we introduce them, one letter at a time, to all 26 letters of the alphabet, building a strong foundation for them to start their journey to being able to read. Beginners (4-6 years old) For children who are already able to recognize the letters of the alphabet and sound all 26 letters phonetically, we introduce them to blending, the first step towards spelling and reading independently!
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Nov 1 - Nov 7, 2017
[ Wed ] - [ Tue ]
12:00 AM SGT
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Qiren Tampines
Discovery Foundation (9AM-10AM) 17th Sept 2017 SOLD OUT $35.00
Discovery Foundation (9AM-10AM) 24th Sept 2017 SOLD OUT $35.00
Beginner (1015AM-1115AM) 24th Sept 2017 SOLD OUT $35.00
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Qiren tampinese Singapore
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