That just isn't a typo and we have been not exaggerating

As you know around the 21st of September, Jagex did an update for the Shattered Worlds little game. We know that the majority of you who are usually coming here to get Runescape Gold ( Come and go to RS4uk.com buy rs 2007 gold with big discount .) have had an enjoyable experience with this and we wished to share this info together with you.

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Now in case you may not know, Shattered Worlds can be a mini game in which sees you accept waves and ocean of random foes. It is a fairly fun mode and it's also made even more pleasurable with the latest update. You see it really is now possible to make up to 25 million Anima one hour with this fresh update.

That just isn't a typo and we have been not exaggerating. The only catch is that you must be doing floor/wave 70 and up to be making this type of money. To become honest, even when you have never even started out Shattered Worlds but, it will simply take you one hour, two hours on the very most to have up to floor 70 so when the payoff is just a huge amount of Anima, we do think it is worth it.

Many of us in the rs4uk.com office have really enjoyed Shattered Worlds and from you guys who have come here to buy RS3 Gold who have also played the mode, you all seem to enjoy it as well. We really hope that you guys are taking advantage of this (in case it is a glitch and Jagex fix it!) and stock up big time on Anima.

We would like to hear from you guys about how precisely much Anima you get from the fresh Shattered Worlds update inside the comments section down below.

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