ARCHICRAFT Workshops 2017 | From 2D to 3D - Architecture x 3D Printing | 8 Oct (Session 2 - 2:30PM)


What is FROM 2D TO 3D?

“One day, we might print not only buildings, but entire urban sections”

- Enrico Dini, ‘The Man who Prints Houses’, 2013

In 2013, ‘Dezeen' website discussed in an article, entitled ‘How 3D printing will change Architecture and Construction’, the future of how Architects might design, or how Architecture could be conceived and maybe even how Building Construction would change in the light of an increasing use of 3D printing.

Fast forward to 2017, we hear of the prevalent use of 3D printing to produce prototypes, sample parts, engineering components etc., in every aspect of human societal construct (e.g. medicine, industrial design, automobiles and even architecture). In fact, in March 2017, it was reported that a house in Moscow, was 3D printed in 24 hours. It is truly remarkable how this new technology has exemplified so much potential for positive change in the Architecture industry, yet, most have only come to know of its existence or seen it from a video link on youtube.

The workshop aims to give participants an insight of what 3D printing is about - it’s origin, its relationship with contemporary architecture and how it has impacted its making. Participants will learn about various 3D printing tools and get to undergo a simple 101 tutorial on the operation of some of them. At the end, participants are even able to bring home 3D printed mementos.

Held at the National Design Centre, an award-winning piece of architecture, designed by SCDA Architects (Singapore-based architecture firm), come and witness your doodles and sketches turn to 3D reality!


OneMaker Group (http://www.onemakergroup.com/#1)

OneMaker Group (OMG) has been integral to the product development start-up scene in Singapore since 2014, working to nurture the product design and building community through the running of Makerspaces – a concept space that allows members to build, tinker and experiment for their own projects.

OMG operate with a belief Making involves deep levels of consideration not possible on paper discussions. The process of Making holds equal significance to Thinking. Hence, they have been a firm evangelists of the Design Thinking Process which taps on the same principles of Design Thinking, building on the latter stages of prototyping, test feedback and iteration.


Venue: Sharing Session at National Design Centre before proceeding to OneMaker Group (OMG) Studio

Meeting Time: Please arrive and meet the workshop leader, at the National Design Centre’s atrium space 15 mins before commencement of workshop

Attire: Comfortable clothing and covered shoes (for safety reasons)

Sale of tickets will close a day before the scheduled workshop or until tickets are sold out.


The inaugural Archicraft in Archifest 2017 is a series of curated workshops, organized in carefully curated architectural space or buildings, that provides the opportunity for participants to delve into a variety of disciplines in society and their interaction with architecture. These series of workshops are aimed at empowering participants to adopt an active role in becoming 'agents for change' in our living environment.

There is a total of 8 workshops to choose from; from learning how 3D printing has impacted the practice of architecture to learning how to compose a thought-provoking architectural photograph or even to growing your very own personal ‘farm’.

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Proudly curated by the Young Architects’ League from the Singapore Institute of Architects (YAL) and the architecture student society of Singapore University of Technology and Design's Architecture Student Society (SUTDIO).

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Sun Oct 8, 2017
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM SGT
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