Oasis of Hope - Is your child suffering from an Allergy?

For Parents of Children 0 - 16 years old

Introducing Bioresonance Therapy

Oasis of Hope incorporate the use of combined test & treatment techniques, which include the use of the latest Bioresonance Therapy machine from Germany that restore the body’s self-regulating and healing system via Nobel prize winner Carlo Rubia (Nobel prize 1984) and R.P. Feynman, J. Schwinger, S. Tomonaga (Nobel prize winner in Physics, 1965) electromagnetic oscillations to detox and balance the energy system. This therapy is well known in Europe and is gaining popularity all over the world to be
effective in diagnosis and treatment.

Speaker: Mr Vincent Ho

Mr Vincent Ho, the Founder of BRT Oasis of Hope* (HQ in Novena Medical Centre) is a Naturopath who has been practising natural & holistic treatment in Singapore since 2008. Vincent holds an MBA from University of Hull (UK), an Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the National University of Singapore, a Diploma in Naturopathy from The College of Naturopathic & Complementary Medicine (UK), a Professional Diploma in Naturopathy from Neo-Hippocrates School of Health (Cyprus), and Professional Certificate for International Executive Program from Insead (France). He is also a certified Bicom Bio-resonance Therapist (Institute of Regulative Medicine, Germany.Prior to the formation of BRT Oasis of Hope, Vincent spent a good 17 years with SingTel, holding various management positions, involving sales and marketing, global partnership management, project management, business development, product management, product development, and operations. He was also instrumental in helping SingTel to set-up a company from scratch in 1997. This company is now a multi-million company.
*BRT Oasis of Hope uses non-invasive; safe & effective treatments like Bio-resonance Therapy, Bio-Electric Stream Therapy, Ozone Hydro Therapy as well as Nutritional/Herbal Supplement to heal its patients’ Ailments

Fri Mar 21, 2014
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM SGT
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Singapore Expo Hall 5
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