Let's Go To Hack4Climate - SG Edition


Calling all Blockchain developers / experts / enthusiasts!

Most people agree that the ‘blockchain/DLT’ (Digital Ledger Technology) is one of the emerging technologies with the highest potential of worldwide system change. At the same time, most people agree that Climate Change is the defining challenge of our time. Now the question: what happens if you tackle this urgent problem with such a promising technology?

#Hack4Climate, a 4-day Blockchain hackathon held in parallel to the COP climate conference this November in Bonn, Germany will answer that question! To reach out to the blockchain community around the world, we are organising preparatory events around the world. “Let’s go to Hack4Climate Singapore is one of these workshops.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce blockchain leaders and developers to the climate change topic and develop first ideas of applications that could have a real impact. This will give the attendees a real edge when applying to be part of the main Hack4Climate in November in Bonn. It will also help you to network with the local blockchain community and allow you to offer your skills for a worthy cause.

To learn more about Hack4Climate, have a look at the factsheet, the participants’ FAQ and the www.hack4climate.org website.

The program

18:00 Doors open

19:00 Start of event

19:10 Introduction to climate change and the Paris Agreement and a demonstration how blockchain is relevant

19:20 Introduction to each of the 5 Hack4Climate challenge areas and corresponding use case examples

19:45 Ideation workshop on each challenge area (participants will choose from parallel sessions and work on corresponding use cases)

21:00 Apéro riche

Join us at our event in Singapore. You will be probably surprised how many of the climate change challenges can be supported using the blockchain technology – we surely were.

We’re looking forward to having some great teams apply for Bonn – a vital part of Hack4Climate’s success!

Fri Sep 22, 2017
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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Impact Hub Singapore @ Prinsep
Blockchain/DLT Developer FULL
Blockchain/DLT Knowledge-holder FULL
Blockchain/DLT Enthusiast FULL
Non-Blockchain participant FULL
Climate expert FULL
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128 Prinsep Street Singapore

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