Morning Meditation: The Power of Compassion


We all have the capacity within ourself to love and cherish all living beings. Yet the natural purity and beauty of our mind is largely obscured by our selfish concerns and uncontrolled desires.

Once we turn our mind away from our habitual self-concern to the importance of understanding both the pain and happiness of others, and have extended this to other living beings, we will experience an extraordinary sense of peace and well-being. As our compassion further deepens, we can become a rich source of inspiration to those around us.

In this morning class, we will have a taste of inner peace through basic breathing meditation, as well as learn the essential meditation practice of how to develop genuine compassion in our hearts.

Meditation Teacher: Gen Kelsang Rabten

Gen Kelsang Rabten is a Buddhist monk who has trained in meditation over 20 years and has been teaching meditation many years. His teachings are precise and compassionate, and he exemplifies the essence of the modern Kadampa’s way of life, inspiring many people to embark on this meaningful path.

*It is highly recommend you to make a booking to secure your seat for this special event, and avoid disappointment.

For booking, please contact: info@kadampa.jp

Sun Nov 19, 2017
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM JST
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So Space (F-room)
Fee SOLD OUT ¥1,500
Venue Address
3-16-3 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
カダンパ瞑想センター東京 / Kadampa Meditation Centre Tokyo