Singapore Walking Tour for Top 20 Muru-D Teams Cohort 3


As teams around Southeast Asia make the travel down to Singapore for the intensive Muru-D Cohort 3 Bootcamp, our team Lendor would like to play host to foreign teams through a Cultural and Heritage Walking tour considering Muru-D's office sits right in the centre of Singapore's modern history.
We are also open to other Singapore companies participating in the walk or co-hosting the walk with Lendor.

On this tour, you'll get a good overview of Singapore's rich and colourful history from the 1300s till today - Listen to tales of our immigrant past, smell the incense offerings in Singapore's oldest temple, and see a stunning scale model of our city at the Singapore City Gallery. For those interested in the modern, slick, and efficient marvel that is Singapore, you'll also get an insight into the rapid growth and development of this tiny city-state over the last 50 years.

Born and bred Singaporean couple Wei Zhang & Pauline (Founders of Lendor) are well-traveled individuals having lived in the Singapore heartlands their entire life. Having travelled to 15 countries over the last 8 years, Walking / Bicycle tours are always their must-dos followed by Museums and Heritage sites (Next in line is Shopping!). In doing so helped the couple understand global cultures, different ways of life and keeping an open mind in any thing they approach.
Wei Zhang's top 3 favourite discussion topics are Politics, History & Heritage, Businesses
Pauline's top 3 favourite discussion topics are Consumer Behaviours, Humanity & Lifestyles, Education

We don't do this for a living so those of you having expectations of a paid walking tour could be disappointed as to what we can offer as a tour guide. But if you just want to interact, make friends and listen to us share about the country in the eyes of a true blue Singaporean / Startup Founder, perhaps our approach to this tour could offer you more relevant perspective as a fellow Startup Founder. We can discuss a wide range of subjects from government policies to history, to Startup Eco-system, consumer behaviour etc. We have hosted many personal friends from all over the world and this is our first time doing a tour.

Sun Sep 10, 2017
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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muru-D Singapore 115 Amoy St
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115 Amoy St Singapore